Інтерн в ГО «Десяте квітня» (Одеса)

ГО «Десяте квітня» шукає інтерна. Дедлайн - 15 листопада 2017 р.

We are most delighted to open a call for interns (with a possible employment) to the Civic Organization “10th of April” for the Project “Legal Assistance to refugees and asylum seekers”!

We are looking for young professionals who:

• Possess at least Bachelor’s degree at Law (or related fields)
• Are willing to learn and study
• Have a high English Proficiency (at least B2)
• Are able to work in a team

! Relevant work experience is desirable, but non-obligatory.

If you are eager to start your career at the UNHCR implementing partner’s organization, please send your CV and motivational letter (in English) at the following e-mail address: 10th_april@ukr.net till 15th November, 2017.

If you have any questions regarding the internship, don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail, or call +38 048-766-00-04


  • 10th_april@ukr.net
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