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Проект «SIAPS» шукає консультанта із закупівель

USAID-funded, implemented by Management Sciences for Health,Inc. Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) Project during 2014 – 2015 piloted the use of multi-year framework contracts in Poltava and Dnepropetrovsk regions supported by the relevant trainings. Informal interest was expressed by local authorities from several regions beyond the initial two pilot ones on implementing framework contracting as an effective mechanism of procurement.

SIAPS is up to conducting follow-up on above mentioned activity with some enhancements made to the training curriculum and special attention paid to use by local authorities and healthcare facilities of ProZorro system for both: pilot regions and new ones.

SIAPS Project is looking for Consultant on public procurement to provide technical assistance on building capacity in public procurement on national and regional levels.

To achieve the above objectives Consultant:

a) shall update a training curriculum for professional advancement of procurement specialists, members and experts of tender committees using the same approach, form of presentation and focus of the original training curriculum:

•          Update the procurement training curriculum, hand-outs, and visual materials including:

o   Slideshows in the format of PowerPoint presentations;

o   Auxiliary instruments, if required (e.g. charts; checklists, etc.);

o   pre- and post-training questionnaires;

•          Develop relevant informational materials dedicated to using ProZorro system in framework contracting. Embed these materials into training curriculum and training sessions – upon SIAPS request;

•          Update practical tasks to develop hands-on skills in the major or most challenging areas of public procurement;

•          Deliver training sessions in an interactive manner engaging the audience. The training will be designed for 3 days. Inputs provided by SIAPS should be taken into account in the process of training development to make sure they fit in well.

b) shall provide suggestions and proposals for the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine on creating module for framework contracting in ProZorro system performed by visiting meetings, participating in consultation, etc. If asked by SIAPS, Consultant will formalize suggestions and proposals in written form.

Anticipated deliverables:

•          Didactic materials, visual aids and hand-outs developed.

•          Educational techniques described in the Trainer’s Manual.

•          Technical report reflecting background information, training overview and results evaluation indicating the number of training events, break down of participants, # of sessions delivered, percentage of interactive components, overview of the activities participants indicated in their Action Plan. Detailed recommendations for the future shall also be described in the technical report.

•          All training materials (PowerPoint presentations, questionnaires, etc.), and the list(s) of participants shall be included into the Exhibits to the technical report.

Required minimum experience:

  • At least two (2) years of progressively responsible experience with Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine on public procurement;

Knowledge and skills:

  • At least six (6) years working knowledge of the system of public procurement in Ukraine;
  •  Experience in working with specific legislation on framework Demonstrated skills in development of the legislation;
  • Knowledge of up-to-date practice on concluding framework agreements in Ukraine;
  • Previous experience in developing training materials and the delivery of training sessions;
  • Knowledge of ProZorro system functioning principles. Experience in using ProZorro system desired;
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills;
  • Spoken and written English, Ukrainian, Russian;



Anticipated date of completion

Update of training curriculum, training materials, visual aids, and hand-outs

October 1, 2016

Cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine

2016 (within 1 month upon receiving request)

Stakeholders meetings

2016 (within 1 month upon receiving request)

Delivery of training sessions

till May 30, 2017 (within 1 month upon receiving request)

Experience exchange meeting

till May 30, 2017 (within 1 month upon receiving request)

Training report writing and submission

till May 30, 2017 (within 1 month upon receiving request)

For full information please refer to the attached Scope of Work.

Interested candidates who meet the requirements are welcome to send their CVs at the e-mail [email protected] below by Friday, August 12, 2016, 3 pm Kyiv time.


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