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ЄВС проект у Болгарії (6 місяців)

Волонтерський проект у сонячній Болгарії! 6 місяців починаючи із 1 березня 2016. Програма «Еразмус+» покриває всі витрати. Тема: проведення тренінгів для молоді. Відправляюча організація з міста Вінниця. 

Свої резюме надсилайте на адресу: [email protected] до 24 січня 2016 року.

The project «Youth dreams become true» will take place on the territory of Pleven, Bulgaria in 12 youth clubs, which are located in 11 cities of the region. The six volunteers will have the task of helping in the process of working with young people.They will help in the preliminary preparation and in the conduct of informal training to young people from 11 communities to upgrade key and civic competences; competencies to upgrade knowledge and skills in: youth activity survey of public attitudes and needs, development and management of projects for youth-initiative, youth advocacy. 

The six volunteers will take a major role in supporting young people to realize their local public events , mark the differentinternational days as “Europe Day”, “World Day of social assistance”, etc. Volunteers will have the opportunity to work with young people who live in small settlements.

Volunteers will be accommodated in an private apartment, which will enable them to live together in a multicultural environment and thus they will build a strong bond between them, which will help for their work in youth clubs.The accommodation of volunteers is located in the municipal center of Pleven, which in turn allows each one of the volunteers have easy and convenient access to various social services and social contact with local people.

In addition to ensuring the living conditions of the team “Youth Social Services Bureau and Civil Initiatives” will provide easy access to each of the youth clubs (they are located in cities near Pleven in distance of 20 or 30 km)

Food and accommodation provided plus a pocket money of 60E and fast internet at home.

Pleven has:

  • Good infrastructure and transport to any point in Bulgaria
  • One of the best university hospitals in Bulgaria
  • Medical University with students of different nationalities from around the world
  • Many malls and shops
  • Cultural institutions such as theatre, museum, Philharmonic etc.
  • Plenty ofcentres for sports, culture, great parks, restaurants and entertainment break. 

More details:


  • Центр розвитку Пангея Ультіма”
  • [email protected]


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