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As any other armed conflict, besides killings of people, forced displacement, disappearances and human rights violations, the conflict in Ukraine is manifesting specific gender dimensions. Women comprise two thirds of adult IDPs and many women now form female headed households, bearing the responsibility of looking after young children and possibly elderly relatives and the challenges of integrating into new communities. There are reports of increased level of domestic violence, heightened risk of the trafficking of persons, as well as reports of sexual and gender-based violence in armed conflict. Also gender dimensions include hyper masculinities where males experience little space in which they can assume non-violent positions in opposition to the war, and where women’s political voice is subsumed in their role as providers of humanitarian assistance.

In June and September 2014, WILPF facilitated dialogue and discussion between Ukrainian women activists and Member States of the Human Rights Council. WILPF is also facilitating outreach between international peacebuilding organizations, women’s human rights organizations and women’s activists with a view to strengthening the voice, role and participation of women and civil society more broadly in the ongoing political process.

Women’s civil society is becoming increasing organized across Ukraine. A meeting for women activists from across Ukraine, supported by WILPF, the Ukrainian Women’s Fund, “Faith, Hope and Love” and the Women’s Information Consultative Centre, took place in October 2014. This meeting discussed the experience of women activists from Bosnia-Herzegovina and Georgia in attempting to mobilize to ensure greater voice and participation of women during the conflict, the peace process and subsequent transition. This meeting also initiated process of developing SCR 1325 National Action Plan. Also WILPF together with Interpeace’s Constitution-Making for Peace Program facilitated dialogue of women’s activists in Ukraine on inclusive constitution making process as a step towards sustainable peace.

It is critical that civil society voices are heard by Ukrainian and Russian political actors as well as the international community. As such, WILPF is looking for a local staff member to work closely and strategically with women’s civil society in Ukraine in order to strengthen and amplify this voice particularly on the international stage. Such a role would help to support Ukrainian efforts to ensure that women participate in formal and informal ongoing conflict resolution, as well as during the future transition and post-conflict period.

Under the guidance and overall supervision of the WILPF General Secretary the Outreach and Liaison Coordinator is responsible for the following overall responsibilities:

• Collecting, analyzing, and disseminating relevant information on the evolving situation;
• Liaising with WILPF Geneva to ensure integration with and information on international human rights mechanisms;
• Coordinate with local civil society organizations and international community, in particular, OSCE, UN agencies, and donors, on women, peace and security issues;
• Contribute to creation and sharing of knowledge by synthesizing and documenting findings and lessons learned, success stories and best practices, strategies and approaches;
• Organizing meetings and events;
• Distribution of information on women, peace and security issues in Ukrainian context via website, social media or other media and communication channels;
• Day to day program management;
• Support advocacy and resource mobilization for the initiative.

• Identify relevant women activists and women organizations for participation in project activities;
• Support consultations of civil society report on GR30 in Ukraine and discussion between women activists and CEDAW committee on women, peace and security issues;
• Drafting of thematic briefs on respective subjects;
• Launching / maintenance of the web-based platform, communication channels on women, peace and security issues;
• Dissemination of reports and advocacy activities targeting international community.

Education: Advanced university degree in the field of political science, gender studies, law, social science, or other related field.
Work Experience: Minimum of two years of experience in working within the areas of gender, human rights, conflict management, peace-building and security and experience in conducting research and transfusing information gathered in the field in a set of implementable recommendations, research documents etc.

Skills and knowledge areas:
• Keen awareness and understanding of civil society organizations in Ukraine;
• Background in the field of gender, human rights, conflict management, peace-building and security;
• Proven ability to undertake professional research using both quantitative and qualitative methods;
• Strong analytical skills and ability to conceptualize complex and multi-faceted aspects of an issue into a concise and clear-cut recommendations;
• Strong interpersonal communication skills. Openness to understand the ideas of others. Ability to create an environment for open communication. Ability to deliver oral/written information in a timely, effective and easily understood manner.
• Fluent in Ukrainian, Russian and English. Excellent writing skills in English.

Interested candidates should send their resume and motivation letter to Lesya Pagulich at [email protected]


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