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Спеціаліст у проект Chemonics International

Chemonics International шукає професіоналів для роботи у проекті реформи енергетики в Україні (далі - англ.)

Chemonics seeks professionals for an Energy Reform Project in Ukraine, which aims to improve energy efficiency, increase the use of renewable energy resources, promote regulatory and market reform. 

We are seeking candidates for the following positions:

Natural Resource Management Policy Integration Specialist. Experience supporting the integration of environmentally sound and ‘climate-smart’ practices. Ability to perform environmental threats and opportunities assessments and to develop strategies for integrating environmental concerns into existing policy. Ability to work with high level government and non-government stakeholders to develop proposals and action plans for integrating NRM into the energy sector strategy in line with the EU acquis.

Energy Efficiency expert. Experience implementing energy efficiency and clean production initiatives in Ukraine or in the region. Familiarity with EU acquis (Particularly Chapter 14 - Energy), experience working in Ukraine’s energy sector and an understanding of key issues and stakeholders involved in energy efficiency initiatives preferred. Proven ability to develop energy efficiency and demand side management strategies, initiatives and plans and providing capacity development support to individuals and institutions charged with developing and implementing energy efficiency initiatives.

Energy Market specialist. Understanding of the requirements and processes involved with establishment of an open and competitive energy market. Experience with regional energy markets and ability to support strategy development and planning for a competitive energy market for future integration in the EU energy markets. Ability to liaise with multiple donors, contractors, consultants, GOU agencies, and other stakeholders to identify issues and facilitate their solution.

Legal and Regulatory advisor. Expertise in policy formulation and the development of legal and regulatory frameworks in the energy and the environmental sectors, preferably with experience in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Familiarity of European Union acquis and other international norms applicable to Ukraine is highly desirable.

Investment/public-private partnerships specialist. Experience identifying, defining, and developing private investment projects to promote investment in the energy and mining sectors. Proven ability to identify national and international companies with investment interests,
developing investment plans based on a likelihood of investment analysis, providing investment and PPP training to interested stakeholders and experience coordinating investment with various public and private partners in a development context.

Electricity and renewable energy experts. Power system engineers with experience in electricity generation from conventional and renewable energy sources. 

Capacity building specialist. Proven experience providing human and institutional capacity development support to a wide range of stakeholders at all levels – individual, municipal, national. Demonstrated success in effectively transfer knowledge and skills through human capacity development and systemic reform efforts. Ability to perform HICD assessments and design, develop and deliver tailored training materials and modules that respond needs identified in the assessments. Experience performing SWOT analysis and working in collaboration with
stakeholders to develop an implementable action plan. Proven success at providing training/mentorship to local organizations and previous experience working with local governments in Ukraine to improve administrative efficiency is preferred. 

Workforce development specialist. Familiarity with best practices in planning and implementing demand-driven training and work force development approaches; ability to work with private sector counterparts, business associations, and donor-funded projects in workforce
development. Proven capability in carrying out analyses and needs assessments, and in developing work force development strategies and activities.

For all positions: advanced university degree in a relevant area; English fluency preferred. Previous experience working in the energy sector preferred. 

Interested candidates are kindly requested to forward their expression of interest and current CV via email to

on a rolling basis with the initial deadline of Thursday October 30, 2014. Please include the position name in the subject line.


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