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Директор з розвитку програм у соціальній сфері

General information 

Ensuring implementation of quality child development programmes in a caring family environment (work with families of origin; SOS families, other alternative family based care options and various programme interventions like direct essential services, capacity building and advocacy in the field of care, education and health). The NPDD participates in and/or initiates activities of the civil society, with the aim to improve conditions and change policies and practices that undermine the well-being and rights of children of our target group.


 - University degree education in social sciences (social work (child welfare, child protection sphere) pedagogical, child rights and sociology)

- Minimum 5 years experience in child and family development programmes, social, child rights, child welfare, sociology or pedagogical spheres.

- Minimum 2 years management experience

- Motivation for work focused on children and families

- Leadership experience

- Good knowledge of written and spoken English 


 - Experience in programme management and planning

- Good knowledge of Human Resources Development

- Organizational skills – skills of planning and organising resources necessary for achievement of goals

- Leadership skills

- High level of communication skills

- Ability to work in stressful conditions

- Ability to prepare budget and financial management skills

- Computer literacy (MS Office)

- Experience and readiness to work in a team, ability to lead teamwork 


- Leads the processes of national child rights situation analyses and of feasibility studies at location level

- Ensures development of qualitative SOS Children’s Village programme proposals and steers the implementation to reach the strategic targets.

- Steers the development of new locations and alignment of existing locations following the SOS CV Programme Policy. 

- Prepares and is responsible for the budget of the national Programme Development Department.

- Is responsible for direct performance management of the staff of the Programme Development Department.

- Development of national concepts according to SOS-KDI policies and SOS-KDI programme quality standards

- Support recruitment and selection process of leading programme development co-workers in SOS Children’s Village Programme locations

- Monitor national activities (of the state and of key NGOs) and planned future developments in the social welfare sector, protection of child’s rights as well as gaps in child rights fulfilment by the state.
- Coordinate of all research activities in the programme development area in the National Association.

- Ensure implementation of all existing and future SOS-KDI policies in the area of programme development 
- Support the budgeting process and reviewing the SOS CV programme budgets on location level. 

- Cooperates with governmental and non-governmental organisations carrying out research on child and family care.

- Takes responsibility for the National Association’s participation in international research projects within SOS-KDI.

The latest date for CVs sending - June 6, 2014







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