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Caritas International шукає партнерів в Україні

 Subject: open call for subcontracted partnership from January 1 2011 until December 31 2011 in the frame of the project “Strengthening tailor made assistance for voluntary return 2 (STAVR 2) ” of Caritas International Belgium.  Funded by the European Return Fund (ERF).

 We, Caritas International Belgium, are in search of a partner organisation to subcontract, in order to assist returnees from Belgium in their reintegration process. Through the selection process by Caritas International Belgium the following criteria will be taken in consideration in following order of importance:

1. Being a local and by preference non governmental organisation

2. Experience in European projects and more particularly in the frame of return and reintegration from West-European countries, especially after a stay in Belgium

3. Experience in the follow up and monitoring of specific micro business oriented cases or vulnerable cases

4. Established network in relevant locations where a certain number of returnees might be in the need of assistance

This call is open for application from 15 until 25 December 2010. Applications should be sent by email to [email protected]


  • Annelieke Carlier
  • Caritas International Belgium
  • [email protected]
  • Liefdadigheidsstraat 43
  • 1210 Brussel


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