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Молодіжний обмін у Португалії «CHARE! – Challenge Hate: Act, Report and Engage!»

NGO «Non-formal education for youth» шукає 10 учасників(ць) + 2 тім-лідера на молодіжний обмін у Португалії!

Назва проєкту: «CHARE! – Challenge Hate: Act, Report and Engage!»

Дати:  підготовчий візит 16-19.02.23 (для 1 тім-лідера +1 учасника)

Молодіжний обмін 31.03 - 09.04.2023 (для всіх)

Де: Águeda, Portugal

Вік учасників: 16-18 років (включно), тім-лідери 18+



The main objective of this project is to promote an understanding of the insidious nature of hate speech and its online presence and provide young people with tools to create a short movie addressing its impact - both recognized or not – in our youth, society and cohesion.

Our aim is to promote awareness on the topic by means of art and moving picture, allowing young people to explore their skills in terms of motion picture and narrative building mainly.



- Empower young people as ALLIES against hate speech, both in online and offline settings;

- PROMOTE clear knowledge on concepts such as hate speech and discrimination, by addressing REAL EXAMPLES on social media;

- ACT within social media with content that brings awareness to hate speech;

- EMPOWER young people in using short films as TOOLS OF INTERVENTION ;

- CREATE short films that address the view of young Europeans on the IMPACT of hate speech;

- IGNITE the discussion about hate speech in our communities;


ACTIVITIES (4 steps)

1. Preparatory Visit (1 team-leader + 1 young participant)

Dates: 17 February - 18 February , Águeda, Portugal

The purpose of this activity is to prepare the youth exchange and discuss what is to be addressed in local sessions.

2. Local Sessions

Period: February/ March

Participants: 10 young people (16-18) that are going to be part of the Youth Exchange and 2 group leaders (aged above 18 y.o).

In these sessions, participants are going to address the issue of hate speech and search for real examples of it in social media to share in virtual activities.

3.Virtual Activities

Before the mobility, participants will be asked to do the following:

a) Padlet 1 – Research and present their own definition of hate speech;

b) Padlet 2 – Find in their social media examples of hate speech, print screen it and share it (in case it is in their mother tongue, they must translate it to English in the comments)

c) Facebook page – Present themselves to the group in a creative way;

4.Youth Exchange

Dates: 1st of April till 8th of April (plus 2 travel days – 31st March and 9th of April), Águeda, Portugal

Paticipants: Total number: 40 + 8 group leaders - 10 young people (15-18 y.o) from each community and 2 group leaders (above 18).



Are you…

… 16-18 years old? (for participants), team-leaders 18+

 … part of the community?

 ….available to be part of the whole process?

 …interested in the topic of discrimination and racism?

… interested in meeting youth from Europe ?


Фінансові умови:

Проект фінансується за рахунок програми Erasmus+, яка покриває:
- 100% витрат на харчування, проживання (надає примаюча сторона);
- 100% проїзду до місця проведення і назад (якщо витрати не перевищують ліміт 530 евро).
Страхування не відшкодовується (200 грн.)
Для тих, хто не є активним членом ГО «Неформальна освіта для молоді»- 1500 грн членський внесок


Дедлайн 01.02.2023 23.59.


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