Роль медіа в міжнародній політиці (тренінг)

Молодь запрошують на захід з міжнародними тренерами для дослідження питання впливу медіа на міжнародну політику.

Опис події англійською:

 October, 30,
⏰ 17:30-20:00
European Youth of Ukraine NGO, D66, Jonge Democraten

Registration https://forms.gle/R97eBJvQWt2z6xuWA
⏳ Registration deadline - 28.10. 12:00
 Media have played significant role in politics, since the freedom of press was declared. We consider it as the core of democracy.
It is journalists’ job to deliver information to masses. But recent shifts in media landscape have changed the way press interacts with politicians and citizens.

❓ Can media really alter the outcome of the national and international politics? Many politicians accused journalists and media influencers of affecting society especially during elections.
❓ Can politicians use media to deliver their policies on international arena?
These and other questions we will discuss during meeting with international trainers from the Netherlands.

 Meet our experts:
Marjolein de Jong - international trainer at D66
Charley van Enckevort - international trainer at Jonge Democraten.


✅ European Youth of Ukraine is a liberal youth NGO uniting young people under main goal of promoting democracy and liberalism in Ukraine. Since 2007 we have been educating youth in political participation, promoting Eurointegration and inclusive and sustainable society.
✅ D66 is an internationally minded liberal-democratic party that was founded in 1966. Party members believe in the power of people and their ability to develop  as individuals. D66 is part of ALDE party in EU.
✅ The Jonge Democraten (in English: Young Democrats) is the largest political youth organization in The Netherlands, with more than 5.000 members. It was founded in 1984. Core values of JD include liberty, equality, sustainability, and pragmatism.

Event is aimed at gathering young active people, interested in the topic.



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