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Запрошення на Міжнародний історичний семінар у Польщу (англ)

Фундація "Міжнародний дім зустрічей "Родово" ( Польща) запрошує молодих людей віком від 18 до 30 років на міжнародний історичний семінар у Польщу. Деталі англійською мовою

International history seminar in Rodowo in 2010.  

Here are details: International history seminar on “Remembrance of 1.9.1939-22.6.41” with 5 Ukrainians between 18-30 in Rodowo, the Date is: 6.-13. June 2010,dedline: 31.01.2010 , email:[email protected] / finances are sure. Description: The Polish, German,Lithuanian, Belarussian, Ukrainian and Russian remembrance of the time between 1.9. 1939 - 22.6. 1941 is the topic of this international history seminar. Participants: 30 students between 18-30 from Poland (Olsztyn), Germany (Berlin), Lithuania (Kaunas), Belarus (Grodno), Ukraine (Lviv) and Russia (Kaliningrad) Already granted finances: 4.000 Euro (by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, KAS) Remembrance of 1939-41: The focus is on the autobiographic remembrance of individual, “common” people who have lived in Poland as it was on the 1.9. 1939 (!) and who experienced the period of (German and Soviet) occupation.

5 students of history/politics (is that possible?) who will do the following ‘homework”: As a preparation for the seminar national groups should: - interview eye witnesses and record these interviews (Possible Questions: What do they remember? In which way? Which events are the most important in their remembrance?) - look for primary sources (fotos, documents, newspapers, films, speeches from that period (from 1.9.1939 to 22.6. 1941) - look for secondary sources, which are saying something about this time - reflect on the questions “How does our country remember the time 1.9.1939-22.6.1941” and “In how far has the remembrance changed between 1941 and 2010?” Aims of the seminar: - compare individual remembrance in the 6 participating countries - compare collective remembrance in the 6 participating countries - compare individual and collective remembrance within each of the countries - fostering change of perspectives, reflection about own position and international understanding

Product of the seminar: a DVD with all collected sources + interpretation + methodolgy


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