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Digital Democracy lab

 D • lab - програма для вдосконалення ідей цифрової демократії.

betterplace lab is launching D•lab – Digital Democracy lab. D•lab is a program where we support engaged people from the field of digital democracy to refine their idea for democracy. The project is funded by EVZ Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” and implemented together with the local project partner 1991 Civic Tech Center in Kyiv.

At D•lab, 15 selected Ukrainian innovators come together to further develop and test ideas for digital democracy. In workshops in Berlin and Kiev – as well as digitally –  we create a space for knowledge transfer, peer learning and (self-)reflection. At the end of the project, the participants will present their ideas to a selected group of experts in Kyiv in order to explore implementation possibilities. In the 4-month program, the innovators will be supported by the betterplace lab, the project partner 1991 Civic Tech Center and other experts from the field of democracy promotion.

With D•lab we want to strengthen a network of young innovators* of civil society organisations and activists* from Ukraine, deepen their competences in the field of digital democracy promotion as well as build up new ones and thus refine innovative approaches from digital democracy in an impact-oriented way. In general, our aim with this project is to strengthen the international ecosystem of young initiatives, established NGOs and funders associated with the civil society technology scene.

The application for participation in the D•lab is now possible until 22.04.2019. It would be great if you could help spreading the call for applications – to social organizations, activists and engaged people who deal with the topic of (digital) democracy.

betterplace lab is starting D•lab. At D•lab we want to bring together innovative minds that have an idea to foster democracy in a digitised world – in Berlin, Kyiv and digitally – to discuss, sharpen and scrutinize their idea for a better democracy through digital solutions. Apply with your idea until 22. April here.

The project is funded by the German EVZ Foundation (Foundation for “Rememberance, Responsibility and Future”.


  • Please feel free to contact Franziska Kreische ( if you have any questions. Thank you very much for your support!
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