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Молодіжний обмін «Culture.World.Us» (Німеччина)

Шукають 8 учасників молодіжного обміну, що відбудеться в Бремені (Німеччина) у вересні 2018 року. Дедлайн – 10 червня 2018 року (далі - англ.).

Більше тренінгів у розділі Тренінги

The Culture.World.Us. Youth Exchange is going to bring together 30 motivated youngsters aged between 18-26 from Germany, Ukraine, Russia and Italy to raise awareness about discrimination and connected to it human rights.

The project aims to achieve the following objectives:

- Use non-formal educational methods to share ideas and come up with solutions against discrimination in participating countries so that to contribute to creating an inclusive society in participating countries and internationally;

- Foster a deeper understanding and respect towards other individuals with different or similar cultural background
- Get to know more about the European Values such as the value of human rights, diversity, respect and tolerance towards different cultures
- Improve social and intercultural competence;
- Increase the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship;
- Share cultures and learn from diversity which young people are going to encounter during the project, as well as diverse experiences they are going to share;

During the youth exchange the participants are going to work together using creative and interactive methods of non-formal education, theater and art, experiential learning, learning by doing, etc. During meetings with stakeholders and civil society activists young people will have an opportunity to have dialogues with those working directly with the topic of discrimination and human rights. They will share their cultures, master their competencies and learn from each other. Throughout the youth exchange young people will gradually get inspired to make their communities more inclusive, they will gain competencies to get actively involved in their local civil societies. As a result, they are going to
develop a performance on the topic of the exchange. The performance will be shown in a local community for local youth.

The project covers all visa costs, accommodation, food and travel expenses (up to 275 EUR)

In order to apply, please send us your CV and a motivation letter to The motivation letter should be up to 200 words and express: why you like to become a part of this project.


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