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P.E.A.C.E. - тренінг з e-активізму (Будапешт)

Проект спрямований на підготовку молодіжних працівників та лідерів (з різних країн та з різним досвідом), які працюють з молоддю, як заохотити своїх бенефіціарів до взаємодії, створюючи та обмінюючись електронними матеріалами, створюючи онлайн-кампанії тощо. Дедлайн - 8 червня 2018 року (далі - англ.). 

Більше тренінгів у розділі Тренінги

Everyone has a story to tell, and those digital stories are always very powerful, since in many cases they highlight very important issues, such as violence, discrimination or a struggle to find one’s place in the society. They also break down barriers as in our experience a unifying cause or message can often overcome ethnic or society divisions.

There are many ways to be a peacebuilder, and we find that many of our YMCAs and participants come from marginalized communities or from countries with frozen or ongoing political and ethnic conflicts. We believe that starting to work at a grassroots level with young people, that in most cases were born after the conflict, will be of benefit for future generations too. This does not necessarily mean tackling big issues right away. The culture of peace can be translated into numerous forms of action and within this study session we would like to cover the following topics:

  • eActivism for change;
  • Online Campaigning & Fundraising;
  • Communication and Social Media;
  • Positive messages and unbiased opinion.

This will also offer us an opportunity to introduce Digital tools and methods to greatly improve the messages we are putting out in the world. Quite often much of the informal peace work within countries is undertaken by NGOs and they often struggle with capacity and funds. Therefore, communication work is frequently left to good volunteers and at good will. However, we know that social media platforms reach more people than our projects at times and have the potential to go viral and offer a digital space for comments and dialogue.

The study session will focus on improving the visual and verbal communication skills of youth workers & leaders. The competences they will develop during this session will help them to better engage with different audiences and hold the attention in order to promote peace and understanding as widely as possible.


The study session is designed as a one-week-long event, including 5 full working and 2 travelling days. The daily programme of the training session is composed of the following learning and group dynamic blocks:

  • Message of the Day: Each morning the day will start with a 15-20 minute message led by facilitators or participants. There are two reasons: firstly to set the tone of the day and give the group something to think about; secondly to share an issue or concern of a global scale or personal challenge and/or opinion. It is also designed as a tool for the group to bond.
  • Morning Sessions: with emphasis predominantly on hard modules, such as plenary inputs and lectures. The idea being that it will offer a space for theory, experience, debate and showcasing tools and methods.
  • Afternoon Warm-up: time for participants to offer energizers and team-building activities.
  • Afternoon Sessions: with emphasis predominantly on soft modules, such as interactive work, simulation activities, group work on campaigns, media awareness. We will also offer a choice of different workshops for the participants led by different members of the facilitation team; this will in turn allow space to go deeper into certain topics and tools within a small focused group.
  • Home-Group Methodology: There will be 4-5 groups, mixed prior to the conference and with specific tasks during the conference; they will also provide support and feedback for the participants – each day a representative from each group will feedback to facilitators ensuring concerns expressed within the group are dealt with and quality of performance is maintained.
  • Evening Programme: with focus on activities for building positive group dynamics, such as intercultural evening, movie night, quiz sessions and various challenge activities. This also allows the participants to have social time and to relax after a heavy day of learning.

This study session is designed as an experiential learning scheme. The knowledge, skills and attitudes gained by the participants at the training sessions will be put into practice through homework tasks and follow-up actions / campaigns at grassroots level.

Deadline for applications: June 8th 2018.

Please visit webpage for more information.



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