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Міжнародне стажування від Альянсу Цивілізацій ООН

Альянс Цивілізацій ООН (UNAOC) оголошує відбір на програму стажування «Стимулювання здатності молоді до запобігання насильницькому екстремізму та розбудови сталого миру». Дедлайн - 8 квітня 2018 року (далі - англ.).

Більше тренінгів у розділі Тренінги

The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) is pleased to launch the Call for Applications for the 2018 edition of its Fellowship Programme. The Call is open to participants between 25 to 35 years old, from the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and North America, with a strong interest in intercultural exchanges. The theme of the Fellowship 2018 being “Fostering youth resilience to prevent violent extremism and build sustainable peace”, candidates must also be able to present professional achievements in these fields.

The Call will lead to the selection of a group of twelve young leaders from Europe, North-America (EUNA) on one end, and a group of twelve young leaders from the Middle East and North-Africa (MENA) on the other end. Participants from each geographic area will travel to their counterparts’ region for two weeks.

The goal of the Fellowship is to provide participants with first hand exposure to cultural diversity, while interacting with a wide range of local actors and partners. In every country they visit, participants will acquire crucial comprehension tools to help them understand the plurality of their host country’s culture, politics, society, religion, and media.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible as EUNA candidates, applicants must be:

  • Nationals from the United States, Canada, or a country member of the Council of Europe (plus Belarus)
  • Born between January 1st 1983 and December 31st 1993
  • Fluent in English
  • Working directly with youth in the field of peace-building and/or the prevention of violent extremism.
  • In possession of a passport valid at least 6 months beyond June 2018 (January 1st 2019 and beyond)
  • Available to travel for a period of 15 days in June or July 2018 as scheduled by UNAOC. Final dates will be confirmed 4 weeks before departure.
  • Must not have participated in any UNAOC programme.

Evaluation and Selection 

Candidates meeting all the eligibility criteria will have their application reviewed by a jury composed of UNAOC staff, experts working in the fields of youth development, peace-building and the prevention of violent extremism.

The jury will be looking for candidates with strong interest in learning more about other cultures and societies. To be selected, participants should also express their motivation in developing cross-cultural collaboration with peers and partners from different countries.

The jury will also be assessing professional accomplishment in the fields of youth development, peace-building and the prevention of violent extremism, and will look for applicants with a potential in shaping opinion and taking strong initiatives within their community.

The jury will also make sure that the final selection is:

  • Gender balanced
  • Region balanced between participants from North America, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East
  • Limited to two participants per country
  • Professionally balanced with no more than a third of participants working in the same sector or industry.

To preserve the above-mentioned balance and to ensure the quality and diversity of participants, the selection jury will select the next highest scoring candidate to replace the lowest scoring redundant candidate.

Shortlisted candidates may be contacted for a short Skype or phone interview.


Please submit your complete application no later than Sunday April 8th 2018 at 11:59 PM EST

  • Only fill in the following application if you meet all the eligibility criteria mentioned above
  • The application is to be completed in English only
  • The application is to be completed truthfully and in its entirety
  • Make sure to attach all the documents required
  • Resume must be in English
  • Do not attach anything else but the documents required

 Only complete applications meeting the eligibility criteria and submitted before the deadline will be considered.

Online application form



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  • [email protected]
  • +1-929-274-6217


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