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Семінар з впливу молоді на місцеву політику (Дніпро)

На семінарі будуть визначати як молодь може впливати на місцеву політику, що робити для того, щоб бути почутими та впливати на прийняття рішень. Будемо моделювати роботу молодіжних рад, використовувати практичні та теоритичні інструменти. Дедлайн - 11 жовтня 2017 р. (далі - англ.).

We would hereby like to invite you to apply for the upcoming European Youth of Ukraine & IFLRY Belarus and Ukraine Programme event: “Youth Councils for Ukraine – Discovering Youth Participation in a Simulation Exercise”. The Seminar will take place in Dnipro from 28th October to 1st November 2017 .

With the project the organizers want to systematize prior efforts in the field of local youth participation by implementing the achieved knowledge and insight in an event that focuses specifically on the establishment of local advisory youth councils. An extensive simulation game will be framed by organizational workshops and best-practice. By this the the project follows successful implementation strategies that the organizers have adopted from western partners, such as the Unions of Youth Councils in Germany. In summary the activity will help to advance local youth participation in Ukraine from ineffective consultations that often result in ignorance or even tokenism in local authorities to self-organized structures that are able to represent young people democratically and effectively.

The specific and direct aim of the project is to strengthen the involvement of youth CSO’s in the local decision making process by introducing local multipliers to the specific framework of local advisory youth-councils. The long-term and indirect aim of the project is to help in the implementation of local advisory youth-councils in Ukrainian cities and communities by prototyping the process of their establishment and providing guidance within this process. Furthermore, the project can be seen as a starting point to achieve the institutionalization of youth participation in local decision making.

The call is open until the 11th of October 2017.

You can find all relevant information in the attached documents or under the following link:

For any questions contact Course Director Julia George (

You can apply for the event under the following link: 

Before applying please make sure to read and understand the conditions stated in the invitation document. This event is in general only open to applicants with residence in Ukraine. Nationals of Ukraine living abroad but should keep in mind that there are no travel-refunds provided.

Please be advised that we review applications on a rolling base. This means your chances to be accepted are higher if you apply early. Please only apply if you are really planning to attend the event!

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