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Семінар: «Архетипи: пізнай себе – пізнай світ навколо»

Семінар «Архетипи: пізнай себе – пізнай світ навколо» англійською мовою відбудеться у Ресурсному центрі для викладачів англійської мови (Києво-Могилянська академія) у п'ятницю, 25 вересня, о 16:00 (далі - англ.).

When: September 25 (Friday), 4:00-6:00 PM 

Where: English Teaching Resource Center (ETRC) at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, 2 Skovorody St., Building #3, room 121

Presenter: Igor Reznik, Career-Guidance and Personal-Development Consultant 

This is event for people who have proactive position and are ready to improve their life; for those who work in social spheres, helping others; and who understand that it is impossible to be truly happy among unhappy and satiated among hungry.

This knowledge can be applied in the areas of pedagogy, career counseling, team building, group dynamics, professional development, marketing, family business, leadership training, life coaching and marriage counseling.

For example, it can help us to understand why success often comes to one type of people and failure usually happens with others; why many people do not like themselves, their jobs, studying, family and social environment etc. 

For this reason, Archetypes will help us to find out, recognize and assess in which way people perceive the world, make decisions, as well as their psychological preferences in all life spheres.

Even nowadays, you can find Archetypes all around; they speak through famous and well-known people, our teachers, friends, relatives (especially parents); you can find them in yourself and in:
1. Statement, pattern of behavior or prototype which other statements, patterns of behavior and objects copy or emulate;
2. Platonic philosophical idea referring to pure forms , which embody the fundamental characteristics of a thing; 
3. Constantly recurring symbols or motifs in literature, painting, or mythology;
4. Collectively-inherited unconscious idea, pattern of thought, image that is universally present in individual psyches, as in Jungian psychology.

So, on September 25 you are welcome to understand yourself and others better. Just be attentive and you may significantly improve your life in social, emotional, health and work spheres. 

Working language: English
Questions: + 3 8 (093) 010 70 27 Igor Reznik
Registration is REQUIRED:



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