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Вебінар з методики викладання англійської мови Social Media as a Tool for Community Engagement

Вебінар з методики викладання англійської мови Social Media as a Tool for Community Engagement з Ів Сміт у середу, 9-го вересня, о 15:00 у Ресурсному центрі для викладачів англійської мови (Києво-Могилянська Академія) (далі - англ.).
On September 9, the 1st webinar from the 1st series of The American English Webinar Series - Social Media as a Tool for Community Engagement by Eve Smith, organized by the Office of English Language Programs, U.S. Department of State, will be hosted at ETRC.
The 2-d webinar will be held on September 23.
WHEN: Wednesday, September 9 from 3:00 – 4:00 PM

WHEREEnglish Teaching Resource Center (ETRCat the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, 2 Skovorody St., Building #3, room 121

Some of the greatest minds in education have challenged us to look beyond the framework of our current English language classrooms to prepare our students for the difficulties posed by an unknown future by deepening our teaching to include the 21st Century skills of flexibility, adaptability, leadership, creative and critical thinking, entrepreneurship, cross-cultural understanding, and learning with technology (Ericsson, 2012; Hunter, 2013; Lethaby & Harries, 2015; Robinson, 2010; Robinson, 2006; Mitra, 2012; Topscott, 2012). How do we teach all these elements and maintain the curriculum imposed on us by a traditional approach to teaching? The presenter will connect community service and social media with developing the 21st Century skills outlined above by outlining a project-based approach to engaging with the students’ local community.
Presenter Bio:
Eve Smith is currently a consultant in English language programming and Writing Center development. Former English Language Fellow in Ukraine, The Republic of Georgia, China and Russia, Eve Smith also worked as a Senior Instructor with the English Language Centre at the University of Macau, Macao. She enjoys scuba diving and painting in her free time.

If you attend four sessions out of six from the webinar series, you will receive a certificate of attendance.


Please sign up in advance to attend the event, by phone (044) 425-77-75, by e-mail: [email protected], or send a text message to 067 230-7619

All events at English Teaching Resource Center (ETRC) are free of charge!



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