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1. Background

Learning Together is a cooperation project that started between Ukraine and Finland in July 2018, and was joined by the EU in late 2018, providing additional funding for enhancing the quality of instruction in Ukrainian SL/L2 (State Language / Second Language) among national minorities.

It has national coverage and aims to support the reform of the New Ukrainian School (NUS), especially in the field of primary education. The main objectives of the project are to bring teaching and administration in schools to NUS standards; promote this reform among educators and the general public; improve the educational environment.

The Project is implemented by FCG Finnish Consulting Group Ltd.


2. Context of Assignment

In December 2020 the Steering Committee of the Project ‘Learning Together’ approved the results of evaluation of proposals for the development of textbooks for studying Ukrainian SL/L2 (grades 1-4). According to its decision, the Publishing House ‘Ranok’ was selected as the service provider for implementing of this assignment.

At the beginning of 2021, the Project “Learning together” launched the development of textbook kits (“ABC” book, Workbook, and Teacher’s Guide) for studying Ukrainian SL/L2 (Grades 1-4). For design and illustration of textbook kits the agency ‘Bulanov Büro’ ( was contracted.

Taking into account the above, ‘Learning Together’ seeks to enter into a contract with a qualified and experienced service provider to print textbook kits (“ABC” book, Workbook, and Teacher’s Guide for studying Ukrainian SL/L2 (Grades 1-4) – 12 units in total) and deliver them to schools in Zakarpatska and Chernivetska oblasts.


3. Objectives

The overall goal of this assignment is to print 8 000 textbook kits (grades 1-4, 2 000 kits for each grade) for studying Ukrainian as a second language, mainly by Hungarian and Romanian national minorities, and disseminate them among target schools.


4. Scope of work

The scope of work of the Service Provider under this ToR shall include, but not necessarily be limited to the following:

4.1. To organise and provide prepress services for textbook kits (grades 1-4).

4.2. To provide a sample of the printed work for approval prior to the start of printing services in full.

4.2. To manage the printing, ensuring the agreed high-quality level of the print version.

4.3. To organise sorting and packing services.

4.4. To deliver the textbook kits to schools of Zakarpatska and Chernivetska oblasts (the list of schools will be agreed in advance).

4.5. To conduct continuous consultation with the team or nominated representatives of the Project.

4.6. To provide 4 (four) progress reports and 1 (one) final report.


5. Deliverables and Milestones



End Product(s)


1. Prepress services for Grade 1/2/3/4 textbook kit (“ABC” book, Workbook, and Teacher’s Guide for studying Ukrainian SL/L2)

Provide prepress services for textbook kit (Grades 1-4)

1. A working prototype (designed and ready to print textbook kit (“ABC” book, Workbook and Teacher’s Guide), taking into account all technical issues.

2. A sample of the printed textbook kit for Grade 1 is approved by the Project prior to the start of printing services in full

November 2022 (Grade 1);

TBD (Grades 2-4)

2. Printing services for Grade 1/2/3/4 textbook kits (“ABC” book, Workbook, and Teacher’s Guide for studying Ukrainian SL/L2)

Print 2 000 pcs of each grade (1-4) textbook kits (“ABC” book, Workbook, and Teacher’s Guide for studying Ukrainian SL/L2)

2 000 pcs of each Grade 1/2/3/4 textbook kit (“ABC” book, Workbook, and Teacher’s Guide for studying Ukrainian SL/L2), ensuring the agreed high-quality level of the print version.

December 2022 (Grade 1);
TBD (Grades 2-4)

3. Sorting and packing services (textbook kit, grade 1)

Sort and pack textbook kits (grades 1-4) to be delivered to defined schools of Zakarpatska and Chernivetska oblasts

1. The list of schools of Zakarpatska and Chernivetska oblasts is defined by the Project.

2. The materials are packed according to the specified number of copies for each institution and prepared for shipment.

December 2022 (Grade 1);

TBD (Grades 2-4)

4. Delivering of textbook kits (Grades 1-4)

Deliver the textbook kits (Grades 1-4) to defined schools of Zakarpatska and Chernivetska oblasts

Receiving and Handing over Certificates from each school of Zakarpatska and Chernivetska oblasts (according to defined lists of schools) are provided to the Project.


December 2022 (Grade 1);

TBD (Grades 2-4)

5. Reporting

Provide 4 (four) progress reports describing the financial spending, accomplishments of each period (grade), and

 final report that shows the methodology used, activities undertaken, successes, challenges, results (planned and unplanned), lessons learned, etc.

  1. 4 (four) progress reports.
  2. 1 (one) final report.

December 2022 – June 2023


6. Resource Planning, Timeline, and Budget

The maximum Total Budget for the assignment is 115,000.00 euros.

The contractual framework under this ToR will be outstanding until July 2023.

Prior to the beginning of each unit of service provision (textbook kit for Grade 1 / Grade 2 / Grade 3 / Grade 4), the Project sends a written notification about the amount of work to be provided by the Service Provider during the following unit. The Service Provider ensures written confirmation - consent to the performance of the declared volume of services, fees for the services, and terms no later than 7 calendar days before the beginning of the work to be performed. The Service Provider fulfils the obligations in accordance with the volumes, and fees for the services, and within the terms agreed with the Project.

The budget, details of the assignment, and terms and conditions will be specified in the contract between the FCG Finnish Consulting Group Ltd (Contractor) and the local Service Provider.

Payment milestones will be based on the acceptance of the key deliverables by the Project.


7. Submission requirements

The Proposal must include the following:

7.1. A technical proposal not exceeding 5 pages in length including the intended approach and the planned activities, the implementation, and the management of the undertaking.

7.2. Breakdown of costs

The following template should be used when preparing the budget.



Number of Units

Unit Rate, Euro

Total, Euro

1. Fees of experts





1.1.  Manager/team leader













Subtotal (Fees of experts)





2. Other Costs





2.1. Prepress services


























2.2. Printing services

























2.3. Sorting and packing services

























2.3. Logistics services
















7.3. The Curriculum Vitae of the consultant and for each member of the team (if a team approach is used).

7.4. Official documents proving the status of the organization and the document proving the financial capacity (annual turnover and profit/loss) of the organization.
Copies of main registration documents.
Other relevant supporting documents may be attached as an annex.

The proposal must be in English.


8.     Evaluation criteria and Selection Procedure

Proposals will be evaluated based on Quality (80% weight) and Price (20% weight).

Eligible service providers are requested to submit a written proposal. The quality of the Proposal will be evaluated based on the following:

8.1. Organization (10%):
- compliance of the proposed management with the assigned tasks

- management team qualifications

8.2. Service Provider’s Team skills and experience (20%):
- Minimum of five years of professional experience in the related field
- Proven ability to perform assigned tasks

- Excellent written, oral and interpersonal skills; excellent communication skills in English, Ukrainian
- Previous experience with related tasks, as well as experience in working with national minorities’ communities will be an asset
- Familiarity with the New Ukrainian School reform will be an asset.

8.3. Technical Proposal (50%):
- The relevance of the approach and implementation methodology
The requirement verification

The evaluation and selection of the service provider will be carried out by the Project in accordance with the ToR and under the supervision of the donors of the Project.


9. Deadline for Proposals

The timeline of the tender is as follows:

9.1. All tenderers are requested to indicate their interest to submit their potential proposal by 22.11.2022 via email at [email protected].

9.2. In case the tenderers want to have further clarification on the competition, written questions must be sent via email at [email protected] by 24.11.2022.

9.3. All the tenderers will be provided with answers to all clarification requests by 25.11.2022.

9.4. The final application must be submitted by 30.11.2022 via email at [email protected].

Please note that all written communication must be in English. Further instructions for the tender are given only from the email mentioned above. Any further information or advice obtained from other sources may be disregarded in the tender evaluation.


10. Guiding principles

Manual for Bilateral Programs by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, revised version 2018 is applied in the planning and implementation of this assignment. This manual is applied in all cooperation that has been agreed upon between Finland and Ukraine.

11. Mandate

The Consultant is expected and entitled to discuss issues relevant to the assignment with relevant parties, government authorities, and other relevant organizations and individuals. However, the Consultant does not have any mandate to make commitments on behalf of government authorities in Ukraine and Finland, or on behalf of the Contractor, FCG Finnish Consulting Group Ltd, especially.


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