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Конкурс грантів спрямованих на протидію дезінформації

Конкурс грантових пропозицій ($40,000 - $150,000) спрямованих на протидію дезінформації. Дедлайн – 15 липня 2021 р. (далі – англ.). 

The U.S. Embassy in Kyiv announces a call for grant proposals for non-governmental organizations to combat disinformation and  malign narratives spread via social and traditional media in Ukraine. Funded projects will сover the following areas:

·      Empowering citizen activists, non-governmental organizations, media, and others to combat malign narratives and disinformation. Projects could involve recruiting, training and facilitating the work of activists, media, volunteers and civil society organizations to more assertively combat disinformation. Projects should, where possible, propose active coordination with other organizations engaged in similar efforts and use data analytical tools to guide their engagement when possible.

·      Increasing the use of data analytical tools to identify, monitor and respond to disinformation. Such tools are increasing in use, though many organizations are still relying on manual, Internet search-engine based methods of identifying disinformation. Tools could be used to speed identification of malign narratives and disinformation, geographically and temporally identify narratives and pieces of disinformation, and map networks by which narratives are propagated. Proposals could also propose training others in the use of such tools, describe innovative ways of using data analytical tools, propose ways of sharing information, train others in the use of data analytical tools, or provide access to such tools by the public, media, government, or other organizations. Proposals should also demonstrate that organizations have capacity to analyze information identified via data analytical tools and explain how dissemination to organizations, media, government bodies, international partners, the public or others will take place.

·      Coordinating the actions of volunteers, activists, media, non-governmental organizations and others. The number of organizations in Ukraine engaged in combatting disinformation has proliferated recently. Proposals could assist in the coordination of these organizations with each other and with media, government and donor organizations. Organizations with proven track records and credibility in the field will be more favorably reviewed

·      Providing training, technical assistance and advisory services to government bodies.

·      Conducting outreach to specific Ukrainian audiences in an effort to reduce their vulnerability to disinformation, misinformation, and malign narratives. Such audiences should be carefully and explicitly defined in the proposals. Outreach should rely on relevant narratives, where possible defined by data analysis provided by organizations involved

Project proposals may include sub-grants for additional organizations. Organizations that propose sub-granting should demonstrate strong capacity (human resources and technical) that would make this project component effective. Organizations with a strong track record working in Ukraine will be more favorably reviewed. Proposed projects should also demonstrate sustainability after their completion.

Deadline - 15 July, 2021  

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