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НДІ оголошує тендер на реалізацію дослідницьких проектів: тендер продовжено до 10 квітня

The National Democratic Institute (NDI) seeks to hire a research firm to conduct quantitative and qualitative research for NDI’s program activities.

The National Democratic Institute (NDI) seeks to hire a research firm to conduct quantitative and qualitative research to provide NDI’s partners with information about the thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes of the public towards specific aspects of the political system. Research objectives for each activity will vary, but in general, NDI wants to explore citizen priorities, attitude towards a variety of topics including elections, reforms, leaders, parties, and policies as well as motivators and barriers to civic participation.

This request for proposals indicates the National Democratic Institute’s (NDI) intention to contract with a research firm to conduct following different types of research activities:

  1. National surveys

  2. Computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI) surveys

  3. Focus groups

  4. Implicit Association Tests

  5. In-depth Interviews

  6. Deliberative Polling

  7. Online panels

International organizations should include a detailed description of how they will manage the fieldwork in Ukraine and if subcontracting it out, the subcontractor must be named in the proposal. Interested organizations are invited to apply for all elements together or any of these separatelyNDI reserves the right to contract these elements out separately. If your organization/firm chooses to apply for more than one element, please include a price for all elements together and for each element individually (and include a unit price for each research method). Pricing should be valid for the 24-month duration of the contract.  

Please submit your proposals in English and filled-in bidding form via email to Yuliia Pryimak at The deadline for submitting proposals is April 10, 2020. Early submissions are welcomed.  
For more detailed information, please see the file “NDI Request for Proposals Research 2020-22”.


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