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Тендер на послуги з організації Міжнародної Конференції ISNITE 2021

ISNITE оголошує тендер на послуги з організації Міжнародної Конференції ISNITE 2021. Дедлайн - 15 квітня 2020 р.


The International Symposium on New Issues in Teacher Education (ISNITE) is a conference, which offers a forum for national and international participants to share both theoretical and practical perspectives in the field of teacher education. The aim is also to encourage interaction among researchers, practitioners and teacher educators and to create a foundation for future studies in this field.

In 2019,  the 6th  ISNITE was organized by Malta University Valetta Campus together with the Journal of Teacher Education and Educators ( The ISNITE 2020 will take place in Zagreb, Croatia. Earlier it has been organized in Poland, Finland, Greece, and Turkey.


The Governing board of ISNITE has granted the ISNITE 2021 conference to be organized in Ukraine. The conference will take place during the fall 2021. The purpose of this TOR is to find a group of experienced and reliable Higher Education Institutions and NGOs to  organize ISNITE 2021 conference in Ukraine 

Learning Together program support

The Learning Together project  promotes research-based teaching approach in the NUS reform by supporting Ukrainian HEIs to organize the conference in Ukraine. This support covers the following activities:

  • Conference organizers will receive a one-week training about the practicalities dealing with conference arrangements.
  • A small group of Ukrainian conference key organizers will be supported to pay a study visit to 2020 ISNITE in Zagreb, Croatia.
  • Conference organizers will get some support in hiring full day conference secretary
  • Conference organizers will get some financial support to organize the conference in Ukraine. The organizer must seek for additional sources of financing, e.g. other donors.
  • Learning together project may train teachers and teacher educators in research-based teaching methods, in academic writing skills and in research.
  • Learning together team provides advisers support in organizing the conference.

Ukrainian Year of Education

The MOES has created a communication strategy, where the year 2021 is planned to be nominated as a Year of Education in Ukraine. ISNITE 2021 will be one of the activities.

Scope of Work

The organizing HEI will be contracted to follow the tentative schedule and fulfill the related assignments.

Tentative Schedule

The conference will take place during the fall 2021, and it would be organized by one or several HEIs and NGOs in Ukraine.

  • Early spring 2020.
    • Selection of hosting Pedagogical University/ies
    • Spring 2020
      • Contacts and meetings with heads of international organizing committee (Not yet nominated).
      • Start of organizing committee for ISNITE 2021.
      • Participation in organization committee work of ISNITE 2020 (Not yet nominated)
      • National promotion of upcoming conference and its themes.
      • May-June 2020
        • Making presentation material and detailed plans for conference
        • Fall 2020
          • Participation in ISNITE 2020, acting as keynote speaker, promoting next conference, discussions about organizing practices.
          • December 2020 - January 2021. Staffing, Building the homepage of ISNITE 2021, Registration system, First Calls, planning of the venue and accommodation.
          • April 2021 Second call for proposals
          • Spring -Summer-2021 review process
          • Fall 2020 ISNITE 2021 Ukraine, 2 to 4 days. Depending on the contents and additional pre- or post-conference days.

Expected Deliverables

The deliverables and their schedule will be agreed with the Project.


The Total estimated overall budged (based on previous 2016 conference in Finland) is about 70,000 €. As an in-kind contribution, University staff members and students have been volunteering in the conferences.

Learning together project has a preliminary budget of 30,000 € for the scientific conference. This includes training of the conference key organizers and a study visit to the ISNITE 2020 conference.

In addition, various donors have already expressed their interest in supporting the conference. Organizers would also invite business partners to collaborate with the conference.

The majority of the expenses will be collected from registration fees. In Ukraine, we could estimate to have 200 - 300 participants from 25 different countries.


6. Submission requirements

Universities with pedagogical departments and pedagogical universities are invited to leave proposal to organize the ISNITE 2021 conference and possible pre-and post-conferences in early September 2021.


The Proposal must include the following:

6.1 A Technical Proposal not exceeding 10 pages in length including: a) previous experiences as a conference organizer with proofs; b) the scientific and organizing capacity of the hosts; c) the fluency in English language of the key organizers; d)  the intended plan to organizing the conference; e) the plan how the review processes of scientific proposals will be handled; f) the proposal for the Keynote speakers of the conference; g) the draft conference program, venues, transportations and accommodations of the conference quests; h) the proposal about draft homepages; i) the draft plan how to attract Ukrainian education researchers, teacher educators and teachers to participate in the conference; and j) the draft visibility and (internal-/external-) communications plan.


6.2 Breakdown of costs

The budget breakdown must include two separate sections: “Fees of experts” and “Other Costs”. The fees shall be defined on rates based on working days or working months. Other Costs must be broken down to correspond the Technical Proposal and Work Plan. The Budget Breakdown must be in Euros.

6.3 The Curriculum Vitae of the conference chair and key members of organizing committee.

6.4. Official documents proving the status of the organization and the document proving the financial capacity (annual turnover and profit/loss) of the organization.

Copies of registration documents (including a copy of the certificates of state registration of legal entities which the Participant plans to apply for the provision of services, a copy of the tax certificate; an Extract from the Statute indicating the activities).

Other relevant supporting material may be attached as an annex. 

The Proposal must be in English.

7. Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated based on Quality (90% weight) and Price (10% weight).

The quality of the proposal will be evaluated based on the following:


  • HEI having a prominent position in Ukrainian teacher education
  • Proven knowledge of the education research and NUS

The Service Provider’s team qualifications:

  • Previous experience on similar organizing of large-scale international conferences.
  • The Chair of organizing committee and key officers must be fluent in English
  • At least 20 of the organizing committee members and scientific board members have Dean’s, professor’s, or doctor’s qualifications in the education or related field. 
  • A sound professional experience in education research, teacher education teaching. 
  • Experience in working with Ukrainian governmental organizations (in providing the social oriented surveys)
  • Excellent written, oral and interpersonal skills; excellent communication skills in Ukrainian and English

Technical Proposal:

The quality of

a)  previous experiences as a conference organizer with proofs;

b) scientific and organizing capacity of the hosts;

c) fluency in English language of the key organizers;

d)  the intended plan to organizing the conference;

e) the plan how the review processes of scientific proposals will be handled;

f) the proposals for the Keynote speakers of the conference;

g) the draft conference program, venues, transportations and accommodations of the conference quests;

 h) the proposal about draft homepages;

i) the draft plan how to attract Ukrainian education researchers, teacher educators and teachers to participate in the conference; and

 j) the draft visibility and (internal-/external-) communications plan.

Technical quality and realism of the budget.

An interview, where the best candidates will be invited to, consists of 30 minutes presentation and 15 minutes for Q&A.

8. Deadline for Proposals

The timeline of the tender is as follows:

All tenderers are requested to indicate their interest to submit their proposal by 05.04.2020 via email (

In case the tenderers want to have further clarification on the competition, written questions must be sent via email ( by 10.04.2020.

All tenderers will be provided with answers to all clarification requests by 13.04.2020.

The final application must be submitted by 15.04.2020 via email to

Please note that all written communication must be in English. Further instructions for the tender are given only from the email mentioned above. Advice obtained from other sources may be disregarded in the tender evaluation.  


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