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Тендер на створення відеороликів для НДІ

Національний Демократичний Інститут Міжнародних Відносин оголошує тендер на створення відеороликів на тему жіночого лідерства. Дедлайн - 28 лютого 2020 року.

NDI seeks a video production company to develop a short documentary film on Women’s Leadership Academy (WLA) program, which would leverage the stories of WLA alumnae to raise the visibility of women leaders, demonstrate their role in the decentralization reform and through this vitalize the problem of women’s underrepresentation and gender biases, which is essential for cultural shifts.


  1. one long video (15 min) including video material provided by NDI;
  2. shooting a training day (up to 5 min) in one of the project oblast; 
  3. shooting up to seven onsite scenes of projects implemented in the community;

The rage of tasks will include:

Pre-production stage:

  1. Development of a concept and a timeline in accordance with the project goals.
  2. Shoots of a training day in the framework of the WLA (Kherson, March 2020) and onsite shoots of up to seven onsite scenes of WLA projects implemented in DOBRE communities*.

*List of locations will be suggested by NDI

Post-production stage:

  1. Editing video footage, which includes graphic design, color correction, visual effects, editing sound track, adding sound effects and arranging footage, and subtitling in English.
  2. Producing one long 15-minute video on the basis of edited video footage, including initial video.

The overall anticipated timeline is:

-  February 28, 2020         Proposals received

-  March 4, 2020               Production company selected

-  March 4-10, 2019          Pre-production stage: concept development

- March 10-31, 2020         Production: shooting a training day in the framework of WLA, onsite scenes of                                           WLA projects implemented in the seven target communities.

-  April 31, 2020                Release of final product

The budget ceiling for this work (including travel to target consolidated communities) is USD $20,000 inclusive of VAT.  Proposals are not required to reach the ceiling, and cost effectiveness will be a significant component of the proposal review process.


Please indicate in the proposal your firm’s qualifications, including previous work with international organizations in Ukraine. Please include your background and experience of the specific staff who will be assigned to this project, and a list of relevant previous clients. In addition, include a monetary bid for completing such work and any range of costs that are possible with different scopes of production. Proposals should include all costs, including account fees, staff time, any associated expenses and taxes, in U.S. dollars.

Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

●           The company’s experience conducting similar projects

●           Cost

●           Timeframe

Please submit proposals to NDI/Ukraine at by close of business on Friday, February 28, 2020 (early submissions welcomed). NDI will contact the applicants with the results by March 4, 2020.

In case you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Mariia Kovaliova at +38096 087 54 14 or 


  • Марія Ковальова +38 096 087 54 14
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