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Гранти для міського розвитку в рамках програми «Actors of Urban Change»

Програма «Actors of Urban Change» покликана сприяти міському розвитку. Кращі проекти з міського розвитку отримають гранти у розмірі до 13 тисяч євро. Дедлайн - 21 вересня 2019 р. (далі - англ.). 

Do you have an idea to change your city? Do you want to work together with partners from different sectors and disciplines? Would you like to learn from, exchange with and be inspired by changemakers from other European cities? If Yes, then apply now to become an Actor of Urban Change.

Actors of Urban Change is a community driven, international goodpractice network. They promote sustainable urban development in Europe, and believe in creating a culture of co-creation as a driving force for positive change. To do this, they foster collaboration between actors from the non-profit, public and private sectors.

From the program’s perspective, urban change is not mainly focused on formal processes of urban planning or development, but rather on strengthening community-driven engagement for local urban development. The project applicants apply with needs to address a current challenge or need related to sustainable urban development in their city or neighborhood such as:

  • Affordable housing and gentrification
  • Energy and climate change
  • Accessibility of (formerly) public resources and spaces
  • Sustainable mobility and transportation
  • Social inclusion and cultural diversity
  • Circular and sharing economies
  • Digital solutions to shape urban change
  • Health, food supply and physical activity

They offer financial support to kickstart applicants local project, a safe space to try out new ideas, as well as international training as part of their network of 100 urban changemakers across Europe. Selected teams receive up to 13,000 Euros in grants, including:

  • Activity grants to implement applicants project of up to 6,000€
  • Capacity grants for expert support and consultancy of up to 4,000€
  • Travel grants to learn from other cities in their network of up to 3,000€

Eligibility Criteria

  • Work in the nonprofit, private or public sector.
  • Apply as a local team with a joint project proposal for their city.
  • Want to develop their skills in cross-sectoral collaboration and participatory urban development.
  • Are able to attend four international network meetings (lasting 3-4 days each) over a period of 18 months.
  • Have good command of English.

How to Apply

Applicants can apply online via given website.

For more information, please visit

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