Гранти Посольства Чеської Республіки для громадських організацій

Посольство Чеської Республіки в Україні оголошує конкурс грантів для українських громадських організацій. Дедлайн - 19 березня 2019 р. (далі - англ.).

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ukraine is pleased to announce a call for project proposals for Ukrainian NGOs in the framework of Transition Promotion Program.

Priority topics for this year are the following:

1. Freedom of expression and access to information

   a. Promotion of informed decision-making andtransparent election campaign,
   b. Support of independent media outlets,
   c. Access to public information without discrimination,
   d. Transparency of decision-making and use of public funds on regional and local level.

2. Access to justice and protection of human rights

   a. Fair justice without discrimination,
   b. Promotion of rule of law and judicial reform in Ukraine,
   c. Protection of human rights defenders.

3. Right to a safe, healthy and ecologically-balanced environment

   a. Support of civic participation in finding solutions to specific ecological problem in the region,
   b. Environmental education and promotion of ecological responsibility.

Eligible applicants are non-profit civil society organizations officially registered in Ukraine. The average contribution will be in the range of 600 000 - 2 000 000 UAH for each individual project. The implementation period is estimated to be 7 months maximum from April 2019 to October 2019.

Applications should be submitted electronically to grants.ukraine@mzv.cz on official project and budget forms by March 19, 16:00, Kyiv time.

Detail instructions Instructions (PDF, 216 KB), list of eligible costs Eligible costs (PDF, 218 KB) and official project and budget forms are attached Project form 2019 (DOC, 395 KB) Budget form 2019 (XLS, 33 KB). Please read the instructions carefully. Should you have any questions please send them in a written form to grants.ukraine@mzv.cz no later than 3 working days prior the deadline.



  • grants.ukraine@mzv.cz
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