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TRT World пропонує стипендії для журналістів з усього світу

Журналісти-початківці запрошуються подавати заявки на стипендію для теле- та радіожурналістів у Стамбулі, Туреччина. Дедлайн - 6 травня 2018 року (далі - англ.). 

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TRT World Fellowship is an exciting initiative in Istanbul for young talent from around the world to get a unique hands-on experience in the field of change-inspiring journalism. 
• Invaluable hands-on experience in News, Programmes, Digital and Vision departments 
• Work with experienced traditional broadcast and digital journalists 
• Get Digital know how and take part in debate forums and round table discussion groups 
• Learn how it all works from the field to the newsroom 
• Targeting Proficient English speakers (Level C1 & C2) who are recent graduates and those in their third or fourth year of tertiary studies 

Apply by link

The direct focus of this Fellowship Program is to reach people who want to get familiar with the perspective of TRT World, keep up with the changes in the media industry and improve their understanding of Turkish culture.

TRT World Fellows will spend two months (25th June – 17th August 2018) with the TRT World Team, in one of Turkey’s newest channels, which brings a distinctive voice to the global news landscape. There will be Turkish language courses during the Fellowship period.

Ideal candidate is:

  • Interested in international journalism
  • Proficient English language speaker (Level C1 & C2)
  • A recent graduate from university

Selection criteria includes:

  • Commitment to engagement in the related fields
  • Critical, creative and strategic thinking
  • Submission of an essay based on a topic provided from the Fellowship Program
  • Fellows show interest in the Turkish culture and history

Application process overview:

Please note that application for admission to the TRT World Fellowship Program is completely online.

For further information, please visit the webpage or email us at

Important note:

Please send your CV and answer the questions below in one PDF Document:

  • Do you have any experience in the media sector (Internship, work Experience etc.)
  • Name fellowship or internship programs you have been involved with so far (if any)
  • Write a cover letter (min. 300 Words) about your motivation to join the TRT World Fellowship Program

Round air flight tickets and accommodation will be provided.


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