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Гранти на підвищення екологічності українських фестивалів

Пакт оголошує конкурс грантів на підвищення екологічності популярних українських фестивалів GOGREEEN. Метою конкурсу грантів є підтримка ініціатив, що спрямовані на підвищення обізнаності населення щодо питань екології та інклюзивності, а також формування більш інклюзивних та дружніх до довкілля суспільних реалій. Дедлайн - 6 квітня 2018 року (далі - англ.).

Більше грантів у розділі Гранти 

The  goal of this RFP is to support initiatives led by non-profit organizations or festival’s organizing companies which focus on raising inclusive and/or environmental awareness, ensuring more accessible and environmentallyfriendly frameworks for large scale festivals and promoting attendee behavior changes. These initiatives should expand inclusion for people from underrepresented  groups, reduce gender stereotypes and LGBTI prejudices, reach underserved communities such as PWDs and IDPs, encourage citizens to adopt an environmentally friendly type of behavior.

The objectives of the RFP are to support initiatives that:

  • Organize activities focused on social inclusivity and/or environmental awareness among citizens during popular Ukrainian festivals;
  • Develop and promote a cohesive program which will include diverse social  voices  and contribute to raising civic knowledge on inclusion and environmental issues;
  • Provide infrastructure and facilities to make festivals accessible for all attendees, including staff trainings and a wider range of inclusive performances;
  • Lower the level of the environmental impact;
  • Ensure visibility of the given activities for achieving sustainable effect. 
Activities may include but are not limited to:

Lot 1. Supporting Accessibility for large scale festivals

  • Provide staff and volunteers of the festivals with sensitivity training including  LGBTQ, disability awareness training, cultural diversity and the event’s accessibility and safety features;
  • Assign inclusion/accessibility volunteers at entrances and throughout the event venue;
  • Engage NGOs to campaign during the festival and to become active in the program; 
  • Provide  designated  infrastructure for people with disabilities: view platforms,  ramps, special rubber/metal carpet, toilets  (Please reference the Annex 1 as an  example. However, please note that not all criteria is required).
  • Conduct communication with local authorities (if necessary) on provision of  accessible connection between venue and city. 
  • Ensure necessary security provisions.

Lot 2. Promoting ecological awareness “goGreen!”:

  • Give preference to local and organic food supplier;
  • Envisage low-impact packaging and waste-disposal (including sorting and recycling);
  • Ensure energy efficiency checks and reduction of power consumption at the festival area;
  • Engage NGOs to campaign during the festival and to become active in the program;
  • Encourage attendees to use public transportation or to carpool;
  • Reduce  material  use  where  ever  possible,  avoiding  wasteful  printings  like  flyers, reduce packaging.
Aside from financial support, Pact will provide
  • Consultancy on technical and conceptual implementation;   
  • Quality-control oversight; 
  • Study tours for learning of best practices for activities.

Expected results

  • Accessibility of the festivals’ locations provided;
  • Environment friendly festivals’ solutions implemented;
  • Increased number of citizens participated in given activities;
  • Increased number of representatives of vulnerable groups participated in the events;
  • Increased tolerance, inclusion and ecological awareness in Ukraine.
Eligibility criteria
  • Officially registered non-profit organizations or festival’s organizing companies from all regions of Ukraine with established organizational structure and operational capacity;
  • Proven experience of successful organization of festivals; 
  • Experience in development and implementation of technical solutions. 
Selection criteria
  • Relevance to the stated goals of the RFP;
  • Established organizational structure;
  • Demonstrate ability to attract bigger number of participants (not less than 3 000 guests per festival);
  • Demonstrated experience in communication and PR of public events; 
  • Commitment to achieve sustainable results that will last beyond the project period

Preference will be given to projects that:

  • Include a variety of stakeholders as partners (including government authorities, media, business, etc.);
  • Demonstrate ability for impact and include a sustainability vision;
  • Demonstrate innovative approaches in addressing the objectives of the RFP;
  • Will be able to provide discounts for PWD and one person assisting them;
  • Provide financially efficient budget proposals.  

Tentative duration of contract: up to 7 months.

Contract amount: Pact plans to support up to 7 festivals. The total funding pool of this RFP is $ 200, 000.

Deadline for application submission is April 6, 2018, 17:00. Submit completed applications by e-mail to with the subject: “Response to Accessibility and/or Environmental awareness RFP”.

Proposal must include:

  • •Technical overview with proposed methodology and expected timeline of Accessibility and/or Environmentalawareness;
  • •Brief overview of previous experience of organization; 
  • •Cost proposal. (Bidders are expected to provide an estimated budget. Consideration of that detailed budget will be made only after the consultancy and technical overview of the festival venue).   

Important notices:

  • •As part of this competition, Pact cannot award contracts to political parties, government institutions, religious organizations or individuals; 
  • •Applications must be submitted in Ukrainian or English;
  • •Applicants will be notified of the status of their application in writing by e-mail;
  • •Decisions are final and cannot be subject to reconsideration;
  • •Submitted applications cannot be returned or reviewed.


Questions regarding this RFP may be sent to no later March 19, 18:00, indicating clearly the title of the Request for Proposals. Pact has no obligation to provide clarifications to questions received after this date. Replies will be provided by March 23, 18:00. To ensure fairness and transparency of the application process, Pact cannot give a prior opinion on the eligibility of applicants, actions or specific  activities. No individual replies will be given to questions. All questions and answers as well as other important notices to applicants during the course of the evaluation procedure will be posted by the  link.


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