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Стипендійна програма Східного Партнерства для лідерів громадянського суспільства

Європейський Союз відкриває стипендійну програму для молодих лідерів громадянського суспільства з країн Східного Партнерства. Дедлайн - 9 квітня 2018 року (далі - англ.).

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The European Union is committed to supporting civil society in Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries. Developing leadership capacities and skills of future civil society leaders is one of the commitments made by the European Union in its policy on achieving ’20 Deliverables for 2020. Focusing on key priorities and tangible results’. Investment in leadership potential is expected to bring high returns in terms of professionalisation of civil society organisations and thus, their capacity to engage in constructive policy and societal dialogue in Eastern Partnership countries.

This support is an investment in the development of young civic activists or civically minded individuals from the EaP region, who display interest and ability in taking leading roles in the development of their societies.

The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Fellowships are an integral part of the European Union’s Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility.

The fellowship programme is aimed at identifying young ambitious/ high-potential/ forward-thinking civil society (including trade unions) activists from the EaP region and supporting the development of their leadership skills.

This is an open call for fellowship applications. Applications for 2018 Civil Society Leadership Programme are accepted via the online application system or by email (Application Form – doc. file) sent to [email protected].

The deadline for submission of applications is on Monday, April 9, 2018, 12.00 CET.

Please check the eligibility criteria before applying. When submitting application applicants must follow all instructions contained in the guidelines and ensure submission of a complete application. Failure to submit the required information and documentation within the deadline specified may lead to rejection of applications.

Should you have any questions regarding your application, please contact [email protected]

Online application form



  • Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility
  • [email protected]


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