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Глобальна премія плюралізму

Глобальний центр плюралізму надає премії активістам та організаціям за визначні досягнення у підтримці розмаїття та інклюзивності у світі. Розмір премії складає 50 000 канадських доларів. Дедлайн - 30 квітня 2018 року (далі - англ.).

Більше грантів у розділі Гранти

The Global Pluralism Award celebrates achievement and excellence in the field of pluralism. The Award is presented once every two years to individuals, organizations, governments and businesses of any nationality. Through their remarkable and sustained achievements, awardees contribute to building more inclusive societies in which human diversity is protected.

Presented by the Global Centre for Pluralism, an international research and education centre located in Ottawa, Canada, the Award aims to

  • Raise the international profile of pluralism, defined as a principle of respect for diversity,
  • Identify and disseminate innovative and successful approaches to pluralism globally, and
  • Recognize and raise the profile of exemplary organizations, individuals or other entities seeking to advance pluralism.

Who is eligible?

Nominees must demonstrate remarkable and sustained achievement in any of the wide range of disciplines related to pluralism. 

Eligible nominees from all countries are eligible.


  • legal reform
  • human rights
  • democracy promotion,
  • social cohesion
  • education
  • ethnic relations
  • conflict resolution
  • peacebuilding
  • migration and integration
  • individuals (e.g. artists, journalists, academics, policy-makers, filmmakers, etc.);
  • civil society organizations (e.g. professional associations, faith-based organizations, labour unions, non-profit research or educational institutions, local community groups, non-governmental organizations, foundations, think tanks, etc.);
  • social enterprises;
  • corporations;
  • educational, research and policy institutions (public or private);
  • local/municipal, regional or federal/national branches of governments, etc.
  • Nominees must be living. The Award cannot be given posthumously.
  • Nominees must not be an agency or employee of any of the Centre’s founding partners, namely the Government of Canada and the Aga Khan Development Network.
  • Nominees must not be members of the jury, the Centre’s Board or staff or a consultant receiving remuneration from the Centre at the time of nomination. Close relations and organizations owned or operated by the jury, Screening Committee, the Centre’s Board members and staff are also non-eligible.
  • Individuals and organizations nominated for the Award must not have been found guilty of committing violent crimes, terrorism, or other criminal activities; or have publicly held extremist views.


30 August 2018 Submission process closes Submissions will be accepted until 5 p.m. Eastern Time.
May –
December 2018
Submission processing and initial screening The Centre’s Secretariat processes and screens the nominations received. Some candidates may be required to provide additional documentation.
February 2019 Jury meeting An independent international Jury  of experts reviews submissions and selects a shortlist. Unsuccessful candidates are notified.
March – May 2019 Site visits to shortlist  As part of the due diligence, the Centre’s Secretariat may visit some of the shortlisted candidates in person. The scope, date and length of the visit will be agreed with candidates beforehand.
June 2019 Final Jury meeting  Award winners and honourable mention recipients are selected and notified.
September 2019 Public announcement of Award winners  Awareness-raising and in-country press conferences follow.
November 2019 Award ceremony  The Award is presented in Ottawa, Canada.

Online application form



  • Global Centre for Pluralism
  • [email protected]
  • (+1) 613-241-2532
  • 330 Sussex Drive Ottawa Ontario K1N OC7 Canada


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