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Конкурс грантів від «Антикорупційної ініціативи ЄС в Україні»

«Антикорупційна ініціатива ЄС в Україні» надає гранти на підтримку проектів з протидії корупції. Дедлайн - 1 червня 2017 р. (далі - англ.).

This call for proposals is a part of the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative (EUACI), implemented by Denmark, DANIDA.

The EU Anti-Corruption Initiative (EUACI) overall objective is “to improve the implementation of anti-corruption policy in Ukraine, thereby ultimately contributing to a reduction in corruption”.

To contribute to this objective, the programme will support all key anti-corruption institutions in the flow of anti-corruption justice in Ukraine, from prevention to investigation, prosecution and recovery in line with international norms and the best European practices as well as the parliamentary and civilian oversight of the execution of the anti-corruption policy.

The goal of this call for proposals is to support national level civil society organizations (CSOs) within the field of anti-corruption aiming to engage with regional and local level CSOs and civic initiatives fighting corruption to deliver the state reforms, and to implement extensive advocacy and oversight.

The objective of the call for proposal is to support CSOs activities focused on:

  • development and promotion of accountability and transparency mechanisms on national, regional and local level (including investigation and follow up on corruption cases);
  • asset declaration, access to public information, conflict of interest prevention, corruption risks assessment;
  • oversight over and monitoring of reforms delivery, effectiveness of public services on national, regional and local level;
  • support to dialogue on state reforms implementation between civil society, government and other stakeholders.

Applicant eligibility criteria

In order to be eligible for a grant the applicant must:

  • be a legal entity and
  • be a non-profit-making and
  • be a civil society organization and
  • be established in Ukraine.


The applicants can propose projects which may not be lower than 4 months nor exceed 2 years. Projects outside these parameters will be considered, but the reasoning for such a deviation must be justified by the applicant.

Implementation of the proposed projects should start in July 2017.

Another call for proposals is expected in early 2018 this does not leave out the organizations that have applied in this call for proposals.


Projects must be between EURO 20,000 and EURO 200,000.

Selection process

Selection process will be conducted in two stages.

Stage one

Applicants are required to submit a concept note and must ensure that the concept note comply with the following criteria:

  • up to 4 pages (A4 size) of Arial 10 characters with 2 cm margins, single line spacing;
  • contains problem identification, targeted goals, objectives and outcomes, as well as target audience, beneficiaries, workplan and a budget based on estimations;
  • fully discloses previous experience in the field of implementation the anti-corruption projects.

Deadline for concept notes submission is June 1, 2017 16:00 Kyiv time.

The concept notes will be evaluated against the evaluation criteria stated below.

Stage two

The applicants that have met the eligibility and evaluation criteria will be invited to provide a more developed proposal and budget.  EU Anti-Corruption Initiative will provide short-listed applicants with the application and budget templates to be completed.

Deadline for proposals submission is June 23, 2017 16:00 Kyiv time.

Submitted concept papers and proposals cannot be returned or reviewed.

The support will follow the guidelines of Danida General Guidelines for Accounting and Auditing of Grants channeled through National NGO’s”:

Concept papers and proposals evaluation criteria

The concept papers at the first stage of selection process will be evaluated against the following criteria:

  • relevance to the stated goal and objective of the call for proposals;
  • compliance with the concept paper criteria;
  • proven experience in combating corruption (previous experience to engage with and support regional and local CSOs will be an advantage).

The proposals at the second stage of selection process will be evaluated against the following criteria:

  • willingness to engage or create networks with regional and local CSOs and civic initiatives;
  • the geographical reach of the project;
  • measurable outcomes of the proposed project;
  • potential to achieve sustainable results that will last beyond the project period (integrating young men and women to work locally will be an advantage);
  • creative use of all media and ICT outreach tools.

Information meeting

The EU Anti-Corruption Initiative Office will hold an information meeting for successful applicants whose proposals chosen for support at the second stage of selection process. Meeting details to be shared closer to date.

How to apply

The concept papers and full proposals shall be submitted within the above deadlines to the e-mail: [email protected] with the subject: Response to Anti-Corruption Call for Proposals.


Questions for the call for proposal should be addressed to Bogdan Boyko ([email protected]) no later than May 24, 2017 17:00 Kyiv time for the first stage and no later than June 12, 2017 17:00 Kyiv time for the second stage, indicating clearly the title of this call for proposals. EU Anti-Corruption Initiative has a right not to provide clarifications to questions received after this dates.  Replies will be provided by May 26, 18:00 Kyiv time for the first stage and June 16, 2017 18:00 Kyiv time for the second stage.  To ensure transparency and fairness of the application process, EU Anti-Corruption Initiative cannot give a prior opinion on the eligibility of applicants, proposed actions or specific activities.  No individual replies will be given to questions.  All questions and answers as well as other important notices to applicants during the course of the evaluation procedure will be published in the way this call for proposals was sent out.

EU Anti-Corruption Initiative Office, Kyiv, May 19, 2017



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