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У межах програми Regional Mobility Fund Румунська організація NGDO Platform – FOND надає гранти експертам у країнах Чорноморсько-Балтійського регіону. Останній день подання - 31 березня 2016 року (далі - англ.).

The objective of the Regional Mobility Fund is to encourage the mobility of civil society/ think tank/ academic experts in the region to foster knowledge sharing, expertise and exchange of best practices within the framework of enabling environment for CSOs and the Istanbul Principles.

The mobility proposed has to be part of an activity with clear medium-long term result in the field of enabling environment, focusing on the three major dimensions: legal framework, policy influencing and donor – CSOs relationships, according to CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness – CPDE’s monitoring framework.

The Regional Mobility Fund is open to civil society, think tank and academic experts from the following regions: the Black Sea and the Balkans (non-EU).

The Mobility Fund will cover mobility costs (transport, accommodation and meals) for conferences, seminars, working and coordination meetings, study visits, mentoring and training activities in which the applicants are resource persons, within the framework of enabling environment for CSOs and the Istanbul Principles.
The Regional Mobility Fund is awarded on an individual basis: financing entire activities is not an objective. Instead, the program will cover: transport (including local), accommodation and meals costs.
The application process for the Regional Mobility Fund is flexible, as the receipt and assessment of the requests for support will be done in an ongoing manner. The only time constraint is that the activity for which one applies should be implemented during the period 3rd of February – 31st of March 2016.
For more details regarding the Mobility Fund and the application process, we kindly ask you to read carefully the following documents:
For further information regarding enabling environment for civil society organisations in the region, please consult the following useful resources:
Balkan Civil Society Development Network Monitoring Matrix -
Should you need any other information, please do no hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]
The Regional Mobility Fund is part of the follow-up activities of the Black Sea NGO Forum.
More information here:


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