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Конкурс грантів в рамках програми «UK-UA: Reform Assistance programme in Ukraine»

Уряд Великобританії оголошує конкурс грантів в рамках програми з фінансової підтримки проектів урядової та економічної реформ, в тому числі боротьби з корупцією та покращення умов для ведення бізнесу (далі - англ.).

The UK government is providing reform assistance to Ukraine to support its economic development and political stability. This includes assistance to the Ukrainian government, civil society and the business community to build a democratic and accountable government and a healthier economy.

The UK-UA: Reform Assistance programme, delivered byPricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) on behalf of the UK government, is running a call for grant proposals.

This call for proposals invites applications, falling under two priorities:

  • good governance, accountability and transparency, with a particular focus on tackling and preventing corruption
  • implementation of economic reforms, with a particular focus on proposals to support an improved business climate

Funding will be awarded through a competitive process to Ukrainian and international non-governmental organisations (including both not-for-profit and for-profit organisations, as well as consortia of organisations).

Decisions on which applications will receive funding will be made by the British Embassy Kyiv in co-ordination with the UK-UA Project Management Unit (PMU).

Successful bids must primarily demonstrate strong strategic relevance to the priorities identified above, added value and sustainability. We seek proposals with the budget ranging between £100,000 and £200,000.

We anticipate that projects will start in April 2015 and will be carried out in Ukraine during 2015-2016 (ending 31 March 2016). Please note the possibility of an extension until end of July 2016, subject to results achieved in year one.

Applications will go through two stages of review:

  • an eligibility review. This is a pass/fail test and covers non-financial and financial considerations. Those applications which pass this test will then go forward to:

  • a selection review, which is a scoring in more detail, according to a transparent set of selection criteria.

Eligibility criteria

We invite applications from organisations led by or including a Ukrainian partner with:

  • a demonstrated reputation for high quality work in the types of activities identified above
  • a track record of effective delivery in former Soviet Union countries
  • ability to work in Russian and Ukrainian languages

Selection criteria

Criteria Weighting Comments
Organisation track record and capacity to implement the project 10% How capable is the applicant of implementing this grant? What is the capability of any other partners working with the lead applicant? Has the applicant (both in terms of organisation and individuals) implemented other projects of similar nature? What results has the applicant achieved on other projects?
Fit with Priorities and synergies with other programmes 20% How well does the project fit with the UK-UA’s priorities? Will the project complement existing interventions, rather than overlap with them?
Quality of analysis 10% Does the project demonstrate clear understanding of the situation and the interventions which are most likely to contribute to solutions?
Expected results and impact, including risks 20% How strong is the evidence that this type of intervention will produce the intended results? What baseline data is available and how accurate is it? Will the project really make a difference? Are the assumptions made in the Theory of Change realistic? Is there an appropriate understanding of risks and of their mitigation?
Value for money 20% How do the project’s costs and the expected results compare with other similar initiatives? What is the level of confidence that this project will deliver VfM in terms of the “3 Es” of Economy, Efficiency and Effectiveness along the three levels of the results chain – inputs, outputs and outcome? Is any match funding (in cash or in kind) being proposed by the applicant?

Submission of applications

All proposals should be submitted in the UK-UA Grant Application Form (MS Word Document, 155KB) , together with the Activity Based Budget Form (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 21.5KB) , providing the breakdown of proposed project costs. Submissions in other formats will not be considered.

When developing your proposal, please consult the UK-UA Grant Application Form Guidance (PDF, 307KB, 14 pages) .

The period for submission of fully completed applications is from 12 to 20 January 2015. The final deadline is 12pm Kyiv time on 20 January 2015.

Submit your application by email to [email protected].

We will acknowledge receipt of your application within three working days.

Direct any questions you may have to the UK-UA PMU at [email protected].

The UK-UA PMU will respond to queries and issue appropriate further guidance which will be made available on this website.

Meetings with the UK-UA PMU during the application process will not be permitted.

Q&A session

A briefing session for all interested bidders will be held at the British Embassy Kyiv (9, Desyatynna St., Kyiv) on Friday, 19 December, at 11am.

If you would like to attend it, please register with Iryna Bezkorovayna by emailing [email protected], indicating UK-UA Q&A SESSION in the subject line.

Please note we are unable to receive emails from

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