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European Parliament Simulation

Do you want to try yourself in the Member of the European Parliament (MEP) role? To learn more about the European Union’s institutions and relations between the European Union (the EU) and Ukraine? If the answer is ‘yes,’ then European Parliament Simulation is the project you definitely have to take part in!
Who can participate? Ukrainian students
When? 29 October 15:00-20:00
30 October 10:00-17:00
Where? Online, ZOOM
Language: English
The simulation is organized by the Young European Ambassadors initiative (YEAs) in Ukraine. The project aims to give young people an insight into the workings of the European Parliament, raise their awareness of European citizenship, contribute towards the knowledge of the European Union, develop soft skills, and unite Ukrainian young leaders.
The project consists of two parts. The first part will be held on the first day of the event (on 29 October). Participants will attend a few online sessions on EU-Ukraine relations, the operation of the EU’s institutions, and the EU’s opportunities. The second part consists of the simulations of the key sessions of the European Parliament and will take place on 30 October. Participants will have a chance to actively engage in discussions, develop their positions and work on their ideas in teams. They will also present their work and vote on the issuing of the final resolution.
Participants will work in 6 groups consisting of 7 people. The topics for the group work are:
1) the digitalization in the EU and Eastern Partnership countries (EaP);
2) the impact of disinformation on the EU member states and EaP countries;
3) the current challenges of migration, Schengen and EU border policy;
4) the ERASMUS+ pogramme and other EU youth actions;
5) the trends and challenges of the enlargement policies of the European Union;
6) the human rights challenges within the EU member states and EaP countries.
During the event, all the participants will have a chance to participate in a Kahoot quiz and other activities and get some prizes. Besides, All participants will get a present set from the Young European Ambassadors and a certificate of participation.
The registration is open until 25 October at 6:00 PM Kyiv time.
Don’t lose a chance to broaden your knowledge of the EU and join a community of young Ukrainian progressive leaders!
Apply to become a Young European Ambassador:…/apply/


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