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Група самодопомоги «Хто Я? / Як знайти роботу по душі та почати заробляти улюбленою справою?»

Англійський клуб розвитку особистості запрошує на групу самодопомоги в Ірпіні. 

Цей захід є не тільки доброю нагодою попрактикувати англійську, отримати нові знання з планування власного життя, але й слушна нагода познайомитись з новими людьми та зростати в колі однодумців. (далі – англ.).

English Club of Personal Development & Self-Help

Topic: «Who am I? / How to Find Myself?»

WHEN: January 24, 17:00-19:00

WHERE: at «Lets Talk», 56 Puskinska St., Irpen

PRESENTER: Igor REZNIK, Career Guidance Consultant and Personal Development Trainer

We talk only about important topics that may empower you to evolve your creative potential and transform your personal life.

So we discuss topics:

  • How to make money, doing favorite work?
  • How can I reveal my talents and hidden potential?
  • What is best way to be successful at work and in personal life?
  • How can I find my genuine pathway and start to surf easily in the stream?
  • Who and how create my reality?
  • How can I foresee good achievements and make them come true?
  • How can I get sustainable pleasure and energy?
  • How to solve material difficulties: career, possessions, status?
  • What are causes of my diseases?
  • How to improve my relationships with others?

We also talk on themes: Connecting with Your Life Purpose; The law of Cause and Effect; Psychology of Achievements; Possibility Thinking; Mastering Yourself; Constituents of Prosperous Life; Body Wisdom; Psychology of Wellbeing; Art of Self-Acceptance; Principle of Giving and Receiving; Levels of Consciousness; Power of Decision; Turning Problems into Opportunities; Wise Use of Your Life.

We propose different trainings, which are aimed at formation of practical skills that are easy to apply in daily life. At our classes you can learn how to be successful, how to become a strong positive force in society and how to pass your knowledge and experience to others so that everyone will prosper. Practical assignments will encourage you to experiment with your life, observe the results, and analyze what took place.

Permanent participant will get experience - how to lead a Group of SELF-HELP independently.

Working language: English

The cost: FREE after registration on


  • Life Vision
  • +38 093 010 70 27
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