Міжнародний молодіжний обмін «Let’s Move» в Литві

AUAYC “Alternative-V” is looking for participants (13-14 years old) and 2 active, sociable and experienced group leaders (no age limits) of Ukrainian group for the international youth exchange “Let’s Move”. Project will be held in Lithuania, not far from Vilnius from 10/09/2014 till 18/09/2014.

Group-leader should attend 2 activities:
- APV (Advanced Planning Visit) - from the 21/08/2014 till 23/08/2014. Please take into consideration that all expenses for visa, transportation, accommodation and food will be covered. 
- Youth exchange - from 10/09/2014 till 18/09/2014.

The working and communication language is English, the participants need to have ability to communicate and understand in English.

This project is about putting youth on the path to a healthy future. During our project youth will be shown that active leisure and healthy lifestyle can be attractive and interesting to them. This will be done by introducing grassroots sports, activities outside, safe sports and healthy eating. We expect that participants will get knowledge and skills to continue this lifestyle in their surroundings.

The accommodation will be located 50 km outside Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania in a small town. You can check the photos of that place on their website. Boys will have to live in two big rooms: 1st room 12 boys and the second room the remaining 18 boys. Girls will live in less crowded rooms (3-6 girls in one room).

Which costs will be covered during main activity?
Travel costs - 70% up to 119 EUR
Visa costs- 100% maximum 50 EUR will be covered
Accommodations and food will be provided during the project.

Participation fee: 500 UAH

Deadline for application forms: 13/08/2014

If you are interested in this project send us your application form (please write us to get it) to: alternative.v.pr@gmail.com.
When naming your attached application file, please use the following format: “your name/surname_Let’s_Move _AF”
The subject of the email should be: 
- For group leaders: “Application form –group-leader “Let’s move” 10-18/09/2014”,
- For participants: “Application form “Let’s move” 10-18/09/2014”otherwise the application will not be considered.

We will inform only those participants that are accepted for the project after the deadline within 1 week.

Best wishes,


  • alternative.v.pr@gmail.com
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