Всесвітній форум за демократію (Страсбург)

19-21 листопада 2018 року у Страсбурзі відбудеться щорічний Всесвітній форум за демократію. Цього року тематика форуму буде присвячена боротьбі проти всіх форм насильства щодо жінок. Дедлайн - 30 травня 2018 року (далі - англ.).

The World Forum for Democracy will take place on 19-21 November in Strasbourg, France. The Council of Europe’s Democracy Innovation Award is given to the most popular initiative, voted upon by the Forum participants.

The key conclusions and lessons learnt from the labs will be discussed in a summing up session in order to prepare the overall conclusions of the Forum.

Organisations/institutions worldwide are invited to express their interest in presenting an initiative aimed at changing the diverse range of experiences women are facing. These initiatives should be able to share evidence about efforts that have led to the strengthening and protection of women's rights and/or to a balanced representation of women and men in public, political and/or economic affairs.

Apply here to our Call for Initiatives before the closing date of midnight CEST on Tuesday, 30th May 2018.

Submissions should be made by answering the questionnaire in the appendix and sending it to forum_democracy@coe.int by 30 May 2018. The World Forum Task Force will select the most interesting and relevant proposals in June 2018.

Any public or private organisation is eligible to apply. One presenter for the selected initiatives will be invited to Strasbourg to take part in the World Forum. Travel and accommodation expenses may be covered by the Council of Europe if required. 



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