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Тендер на логістичні послуги з обслуговування заходів

IFES оголошує тендер на логістичні послуги з обслуговування заходів. Дедлайн - 13 листопада (далі - англ.)

IFES Ukraine invites  prospective  contractors  to  submit  a  response  for  the  Events  Management  Services  in  Ukraine.

IFES is an independent, non‐governmental organization (NGO) with headquarters registered in  the United States of America. IFES supports citizens’ rights to participate in free and fair elections. Our  independent expertise strengthens electoral systems and builds local capacity to deliver sustainable  solutions. As the global leader in democracy promotion, we advance good governance and democratic  rights  by  providing  technical assistance  to election  officials, empowering  the  underrepresented  to  participate in the political process and applying field‐based research to improve the electoral cycle.  Since  1987,  IFES  has  worked  in  over  145  countries  –  from  developing  democracies,  to  mature  democracies. 

The Events Management service provider  will:

  1. Determine, in cooperation with IFES Ukraine, what will best suit the particular activities’ need.
  2. Coordinate and provide booking and logistical arrangements for IFES Ukraine’s activities including space for conferences, workshops, meetings, other activities after IFES Ukraine’s approval, as well as to assist participants, trainers, facilitators, moderators in resolving logistical issues, on as‐needed basis.
  3. In cooperation with IFES Ukraine team, coordinate provisioning of catering services for activities (meals and beverages for the event).
  4. In cooperation with IFES Ukraine team, coordinate and provide preparing of activities’ materials kits for participants (copying, scanning, combining all necessary information into kits, name tags, distributing among participants, etc., in accordance with the instructions provided by IFES Ukraine representative)
  5. In cooperation with IFES Ukraine team, coordinate provisioning of accommodation for participants, trainers, speakers in cooperation and according to the requirements to accommodation and facilities’ standards of IFES Ukraine.
  6. Coordinate provisioning of transportation and transfers of participants, trainers, speakers in cooperation and according to the requirements of IFES Ukraine; provide reimbursement of participants’ transportation expenses by available round‐trip travel documents.
  7. Coordinate and ensure provisioning of special services needed for people with disabilities in cooperation with IFES Ukraine

Prospective contractors must provide information on a minimum notification time required prior to  services delivery. 

Prospective contractors must provide the following information for their Response to be considered: 

  • A brief outline of the company and services offered, including:
    • Full legal name and address of the company
    • Corporate and tax Registration Documents
    • Year business was started or established
    • Full name of the legal representative (president or managing director) of the company
    • Name of any individuals or entities that own 50% of more of the company
    • U.S. companies must indicate if they are a registered Small Business (Woman owned, veteran‐owned, Minority‐owned, Disabled, Service Disabled Veteran‐owned)
  • Evidence of successful completion of a project of a similar size and complexity.
  • References: Contact information for no less than three references from projects similar in size, application, and scope and a brief description of their implementation (including location andyear). IFES reserves the right to request and check additional references.
  • Prospective contractor must be legally registered under the laws of the country in which they are organized and possess all licenses, permits and government approvals necessary for performance of the Scope of Work.

PRICING - Description of how services described in the SOW will be provided and organized, price list for services with all taxes clearly stated, including determination of labor costs and service fees.

All proposals should be addressed to Mr. Ragheed Al Ameen at [email protected] and to Mr. Najeebullah Yousef  at [email protected] , with “RFP‐19‐009  Event Management Services” in the subject line. Deadline - November 13, 2018, 06:00 PM Kyiv local time.

Request for Proposal (RFP-19-009) can be downloaded as the attachment to this announcement.


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