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Конкурс на проведення досліджень

IFES оголошує конкурс на проведення досліджень. Дедлайн - 22 жовтня 2018 р. (далі - англ.).

IFES wishes to conduct five separate surveys in Ukraine under two different lots. Interested contractors can submit proposals for one or both lots described below. The two lots are as follows:

Lot A) Three national public opinion surveys focused on electoral issues;

Lot B) Two surveys of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Ukraine.

Responsibilities of Contractor (in close consultation at every stage with IFES):

1. Format, translate and print the questionnaires. Contractor is expected to translate the questionnaire into Ukrainian and Russian.

2. Pretest the formatted and translated questionnaire in both languages.

3. Identify population database used to design the sample of the IDP and national face-to-face survey.

4. Select sampling approach for each IDP and national face-to-face survey, construct sample and identify method for selecting respondents in consultation with IFES.

5. Describe means to be used to examine the representativeness of the achieved sample for each separate survey.

6. Manage all aspects of fieldwork for the IDP and national face-to-face survey.

7. Screen and hire field staff with appropriate qualifications and regional knowledge.

8. Conduct training of interviewers and enumerators.

9. Develop coding scheme; code, enter, and clean data.

10. Prepare electronic data file, marginal results, tabulations, and a methodological report.

Expected Deliverables

1. The translated and formatted questionnaires in Ukrainian and Russian languages.

2. Pre-test results and recommendations for changes in questionnaire for survey.

3. Sample design and approach used to select respondents for the survey.

4. Coding scheme (based on question numbers and skips and filter instructions in questionnaire), including codes for open-ended questions.

5. Data frequency results for all questions, with weights, if weights are needed.

6. Data cross-tabulations for all questions by a set of demographic variables specified by IFES.

7. Electronic data file in SPSS.SAV format using coding scheme and open-end code formulation specified by IFES survey research team including any weight variables that may apply.

8. A detailed methodological report for the survey.

 For more information, please find attached Request for Quotation RFQ-18-056.

Your final quotation must be received via email, to Mr. Najeebullah Yousef at and Ms. Sajia Tokhi at by no later than 6:00 PM Kyiv Local Time on October 22, 2018.


  • Mr. Najeebullah Yousef at and Ms. Sajia Tokhi at
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