IFES шукає транспортну компанію

IFES оголошує тендер на надання транспортних послуг. Дедлайн - 9 липня 2018 р. (далі -англ.).

The service Provider shall provide the following services to IFES Ukraine:

- Provide on-call transportation for office personnel and involved experts within Kyiv city.

- Organize transfers to/from the international Kyiv Airports for IFES personnel and involved experts.

- Upon IFES request provide transportation services outside Kyiv.

- Upon IFES request provide courier services of documents or items within or around Kyiv.

The contractor must comply with the following requirements:


  • Contractor shall be solely responsible for all costs associated with the vehicle, including vehicle upkeep, fueling, oil changes.
  • Contractor must be legally registered in Ukraine; oil taxes must be paid by drivers and/or Contractors.
  • Contractor should provide English-speaking drivers upon request.
  • The Contractor should provide full insurance covering the vehicle, driver, passengers and any other third parties.
  • The Contractor is responsible for ensuring their drivers are legally employed under Ukrainian legislation.
  • Operator’s availability 24/7 is a must
  • Contractor should be a legal owner of the fleet vehicles


  • All drivers provided for this service must possess and provide evidence a valid driver’s License and a clean driving record.
  • Drivers must be well-groomed and maintain a professional appearance, dress code: business casual, no jeans allowed.
  • Availability of drivers by phone (between 07:00 and 21:00, or as agreed) to schedule pick-ups/drop-offs.
  • Availability to provide services after hours, on weekends on short notice, including travel with overnight stays, if needed.
  • Drivers may be requested to complete a first-aid training course.


  • Vehicles should fit 5 persons comfortably, including the driver, and possess functioning three-point seatbelts for all passengers, airbags, air-conditioning, and brakes.
  • All vehicles provided for this service must be properly Licensed with the government of Ukraine. In case of any dispute between the driver and police, the Contractor has the responsibility to settle it at its own cost.
  • Vehicle should have a minimum manufacture date of 2012 and have no visible signs of aging or decay.
  • Types of acceptable vehicles are: compact SUVs, mid-size sedans, station wagons.
  • Vehicles must be cleaned regularly and be absent of any personal items while the driver and vehicle are providing services to IFES Ukraine.
  • Vehicle should include a first-aid kit, spare tire, car jack and jumper cables.
  • Vehicle must have undamaged windshield, glass, and be equipped with new tires.

Prospective contractors must submit the following information in the Response:

  1. A contact name, email address, and telephone number to facilitate communication between IFES and the prospective contractor.
  2. General information about the contractor’s history and experience.
  3. If a government, its agents, or agencies, have an ownership or managerial interest in the company, the prospective contractor must indicate this when submitting its offer. Failure to do so will result in the prospective contractor’s offer being removed from consideration.
  4. A brief outline of the company, including:
  1. Full legal name and address of the company or individual; 
  2. Corporate and tax registration documents, license if necessary;
  3. Full name of the legal representative (president or managing director) of the company (not applicable for individuals);
  4. Name of any individuals or entities that own 50% of more of the company; and
  5. Year business was started or established.
  1. No subcontracting is allowed under this solicitation.
  2. IFES requests quotations for the above listed services on unit price basis.
  3. Contain detailed cost in UAH with all applicable taxes/charges clearly identified, provided against each of the categories of services described in this request.
  4. Detailed description of past experiences providing similar services to international NGOs and organizations.
  5. Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of three business references, and approval to contact the listed references.  IFES reserves the right to request and check additional references.
  6. Prospective contractor must be legally registered under the laws of the country and possess all licenses, permits and government approvals necessary for performance of the work.
  7. Responses should be in English and/or Ukrainian language.

The proposals must be sent to Maksym Palamarchuk, e-mail mpalamarchuk@ifes.org,  with copy to Kateryna Makhova, e-mail kmakhova@ifesukraine.org no later than July 9, 2018, 4:00 pm (local Kyiv time).  All communication and quotes must reference “RFQ/18/042 Transportation services”. 

Request for Quotations for Transportation Services and Budget Table can be downloaded as the attachments to this announcement.


  •  kmakhova@ifesukraine.org
  •  mpalamarchuk@ifes.org
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