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Конкурс для фотографів Documentary Photography Project

Open Society Foundations запрошує фотографів-документалістів до участі в конкурсі. Цього року увага зосереджена на проблемі міграції. Особливо підтримуються роботи, що використовують нові візуальні стратегії, технології та підходи. Дедлайн – 20 квітня 2018 року (далі - англ.)  


We are especially interested in work that expands the boundaries of documentary photography and image-based art that comes from the perspective of migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers themselves, or is made through sustained and meaningful collaboration with these communities.

We invite proposals about work that engages with topics of migration, identity, belonging, and resilience from a variety of perspectives. We encourage applicants to interpret these themes broadly.

We welcome a wide range of photo- and image-based approaches, including documentary photography, conceptual photography, video art, video installation, social practice, archival or aggregated projects, interactive and emerging media (including virtual and augmented reality), and information art (using photography and/or associated data).

Eligibility Criteria
  • We are seeking photographers, artists, and media makers who bring expertise and new insight to an issue; who demonstrate a high level of artistic ability or excellence; and who have the skills, passion, commitment, and capacity to realize the proposed grant project.
  • Applicants must demonstrate an ongoing commitment to themes relevant to migration through their past and ongoing work. In the application, we ask for examples of two past or current projects.
  • Projects considered for exhibition may be for works from a larger, ongoing project, but the Moving Walls exhibit will be curated from content that already exists (funds will not be provided to create new projects specifically for the exhibition).
  • Projects considered for the fellowship may be for continuing an ongoing body of work, or creating a new body of work related to the broader themes of the exhibit.
Ineligibility Criteria

Projects that include lobbying activities will not be funded. Please carefully review the tax law lobbying rules available in the Download Files section before submitting an application.


Applications must be submitted through our online application form by Friday, April 20, 2018, 4:59 p.m. EDT. For a detailed list of questions in the submission form, see pages 10–12.

If you have questions, please contact Siobhan Riordan at +1-212-547-6909, or (include the subject line: “Moving Walls 25”).


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