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Конкурс інноваційних винаходів «Empowering people» від Siemens Stiftung

Siemens Stiftung оголошує конкурс практичних інноваційних рішень, які спрямовані на поліпшення умов життя і реалізуються шляхом розробки підприємницької моделі.   Проектувальники і розробники усього світу можуть подавати заявки до 15 січня 2016 року (далі - англ.).


The Siemens Stiftung will honour the 1st prize-winner with a sum of 50,000 EUR. The second prize is valued at 30,000 EUR, the third at 20,000 EUR and a further 5,000 EUR will be awarded to 20 runners up. A Community Prize will also be awarded with a prize of hardware to the value of 5,000 Euro

The winners will further receive promotion on an international scale with global public relations activities ensuring wide visibility. They will become members of an international Network that offers essential support, valuable know-how, helpful insights and connections.

Submitting organization/enterprise should fulfill the following criteria

  • The organization/enterprise develops solutions or products which have the potential of social impact for people in developing and emerging countries.
  •  The organization/enterprise develops solutions or products which are already successfully implemented to improve basic supply in developing or emerging countries.
  • The organization/enterprise has a strong focus on job creation.
  • The organization/enterprise follows values such as fairness, social responsibility and self-sustainability.
  • The organization/enterprise is not a microfinance institution, private equity fund or deposit taking institution.

Submissions should be technical products and solutions in the categories Water & Waste Water, Energy, Food & Agriculture, Waste Management, Healthcare, Sheltering, Education and Information & Communication in order to fulfil basic needs of people in developing and emerging countries. Each product or solution to be submitted has to be either already implemented in a project or needs at least a prototype with a proof of concept.

Entries will be evaluated according to:

  • Potential of project to help solve basic supply problems
  • Technical feasibility with regard to resources at hand, functionality and reliability in local conditions
  • (Social) Business concept regarding job creation and replicability
  • Financial sustainability potential
  • Environmental performance

How to Apply

Application is only possible via the online form provided here. All requested data must be delivered. Entries exceeding the stipulated file sizes and formats may not be considered. Submitted applications are considered final. Applications should be submitted in English. Applications in German or Spanish will also be accepted. 

The applicant must confirm that the entry submitted is his own/the team’s own and does not belong to any other person, body, team or organization.

The prize money must be used for the further development of the solutions and products submitted or their implementation in projects. The Siemens Stiftung is to receive written proof of this within one year of the prize money being awarded.

Applications can be submitted by January 15, 2016, 12pm (EST). Finalists will be notified approx. four weeks before the Award Ceremony that will take place in Fall 2016 (details tbd. in time)

Participants agree that the Siemens Stiftung mention their submitted products or solution for public relations activities concerning the “empowering people. Award” after the Awards Ceremony. For extensive PR activities, the Siemens Stiftung or its partners will contact the participants directly.

All intellectual properties will remain with the developer/developing team. Siemens Stiftung assumes no liability for keeping the entries confidential. Consequently, applicants interested in securing their intellectual properties should not submit entry prior to filing patent applications in the countries for which they intend to protect their intellectual property.

Since the augmentation and the growth of the Solutions Database on the platform is one of objectives of the competition, selected entries will be presented in the database with the name of the product, short technical description of the product or the solution, 1 photo of the product or solution, the inventor’s or the inventor team’s name, mail address, URL of the inventor’s or inventor team’s website (if available) and the phone number of the inventor or contact person of the inventor team.

Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.

You can find further information on the site


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