Провайдер для організації майстер-класу з питань енергетики у п’яти містах України

Регіональний екологічний центр для Центральної та Східної Європи продовжує пошук організатора майстер-класу з питань енергетики в Івано-Франківську, Черкасах, Лубнах, Полтаві та Бердичеві. Подовжений термін подачі заявок - 6 березня 2016 року (далі - англ.).

The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC) is a non-advocacy, not-for-profit organisation with a mission to assist in addressing environmental issues in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

Within the CSO component of the LINK project the REC is inviting applications for the position of organiser of an energy master class training for CSOs in the five selected municipalities participating in the LINK project.

Main concept of the energy master class

The master class will be organised for approximately 40 CSO representatives and will comprise five days of interactive training. The training will focus on the following topics:

  • the energy system in Ukraine;
  • carbon footprints and the move towards a low-carbon economy;
  • renewable energy sources, including available technologies, use and benefits; 
  • behavioural changes and the education of change agencies;
  • economics, including the identification of funds and successful models for behavioural and economic changes;
  • financing for condominiums/individuals;
  • community development, including energy cooperatives and other forms for joint energy actions;
  • social interaction; and
  • the use of ICT for energy efficiency.

In addition to interactive presentations, the master class should provide hands-on training on the building of solar panels and other renewable energy applications. Smaller-scale parallel sessions for media representatives (as a separate group of stakeholders) may also be organised.

The organisers of the master class should include in the training programme existing energy-related experiences from the five selected municipalities participating in the LINK project. A half day should also be reserved for a CSO grant proposal writing course led by REC experts.

The training is tentatively planned for June 2016. It will be given in the Ukrainian language. The training could also take the form of a low-carbon energy camp.

The main concepts for the training materials should be provided to the REC team in English. 

Key tasks of the organiser of the energy master class

  • Provide a full training concept and a detailed agenda for five days for approximately 40 trainees.
  • Provide a pool of trainers/experts and consult with the REC if needed.
  • Identify an appropriate training location and provide the necessary technology for organising the training using a low-carbon approach.
  • Organise all the necessary equipment for the delivery of the training.
  • Help the REC team to select trainees.
  • Ensure the quality and timely completion of training materials.
  • Deliver the training.
  • Provide a comprehensive training report (narrative and financial) according to the format provided by the REC.
  • Maintain constant communication with the REC team (in relation to concept, preparation, visuals, invitations and transportation).

Specific requirements

The organiser of the energy master class must have the following skills and competencies:

  • previous experience of organising large-scale trainings on energy issues;
  • knowledge of energy-related issues;
  • a proven ability to coordinate the work of trainers/team members;
  • management and communication skills; and
  • the ability to communicate and report in English.

Application procedure

The REC is inviting applications from organisations with the experience and skills outlined above. Applications must include:

  • the CV of the chief coordinator of the energy master class, detailing relevant skills and experience;
  • names of trainers/assistants with brief bios relevant to the energy training;
  • a detailed concept for the five days of training (covering both content and overall arrangements);
  • a price offer (in EUR, using the REC template) indicating:

(1) the fee for organisers and trainers; and

(2) the direct costs of organising the training (preferably in the form of an energy camp).

Applications should be submitted to Kaidi Tingas [email protected] by March 6, 2016.

Please include “LINK CSO energy training” in the subject line.


  • Регіональний екологічний центр для Центральної та Східної Європи
  • Кайді Тінгас
  • [email protected]
  • http://link-ukraine.rec.org/
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