Фотоконкурс для активних громадян

Does your organisation work to build a more just and peaceful world? Does your work help empower and engage citizens to take action on issues that affect us all? 

If so, consider entering the CIVICUS Active Citizens Photography Competition!

The competition is being held in the run-up to International Civil Society Week 2016 (http://civicus.org/ICSW/) under the banner: “Active Citizens, Accountable Actions”. 

The competition is open to all voting members of the CIVICUS World Alliance. Voting members (institutional or individual members) are invited to submit entries relating to the conference’s themes: peace, inclusion, enabling environment, and participation.

Prizes: There will be a total of three cash prizes: A top prize of $500 USD, and two runner-up prizes of $250 each.

What we are looking for:

We’re looking for images that best represent civil society in action and our members’ efforts to protect and promote civic space. Photos may be displayed during ICSW 2016, as well as featured on social media, including the CIVICUS website and Twitter (https://twitter.com/CIVICUSalliance) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/CIVICUS/?fref=ts).

Photos may also be used for other CIVICUS publications and/or at CIVICUS events in the future. Ownership of all photos remains with the photographers and/or the organisations submitting the photographs, and their use will be credited accordingly by CIVICUS.

Entry Period: The entry period starts Monday 21st March 2016 and will close on Friday 8th April at midnight GMT.

Download your contest application

Submit your contest application

More information: http://www.civicus.org/index.php/en/media-centre-129/news-and-resources-127/63-uncategorised/2380-active-citizens-photography-competition


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