ESC волонтерство у Польщі

Foundation for Creative Space and Development CampoSfera шукає волонтера.

Duration of the project: 9 months. 

Information about the organization: Foundation for Creative Space and Development CampoSfera was established in 2013 by 4 people who have been involved in 3rd sector activities for many years. The aim of Foundation CampoSfera is to initiate activities and projects that will connect education with sustainable development, ecology, and innovation. In August 2013, only 4 months after registration, the Foundation signed an agreement with the Sedziszow municipality in Swietokrzyskie voivodeship. Within the agreement, the Foundation has rented a building after a closed village school of 550m2 with the surrounding area of 1,3 ha for 25 years for the purpose of Foundation’s activities. The building has been renovated in mid-2014. The current state of the building allows the foundation to host groups up to 30 people for a longer period. The building is heated, it includes bedrooms.

Volunteers tasks are shared between three areas:

  1. Work connected with the local community
  2. Work connected with the Foundation’s building and the area around, support Landscape Park and local eco-farmers
  3. Helping with the events organized and hosted by the Foundation

Volunteers profile:

The volunteers we would like to host should, first of all, be willing to live and work in the rural area and not be afraid of physical and outdoor works.
We would especially welcome people who are interested in ecology, permaculture, gardening, and/or working with the small local community in rural areas (especially kids and youth). Our main concern is that the volunteers will find the project interesting, personally developing, fruitful in terms of knowledge and skills and simply satisfying. In our opinion, people with the above-mentioned features and interest would feel most fulfilled.
Age limitation: 18-30
Foundation is a special place where you can find a place of solitude and calmness while working close to nature (especially in early spring and late autumn) but also a place where many people come and go and a lot happens (especially in summer). In CampoSfera the volunteers will have a chance to meet people from all over the world who come to volunteer for a shorter or longer period of time. In summer we organize a music festival for the local community and outdoor cinema.

Foundation CampoSfera offers volunteers knowledge and skills such as:

- skills in gardening, solidarity, protection of the natural environment
- skills in handcraft work: furniture renovation, working with wood, upcycling,
- making and baking bread, smoking food products, making home-made preserves, etc.
- working and living in a small community,
- working with youth and children from rural areas,
- knowledge and methods of leading workshops, 7
- skills in public speaking,
- knowledge of organizing international projects, such as youth exchanges,
- knowledge in organizing events such as small festivals, outdoor cinema, etc.
- working in an international environment,
- understanding the ideas of sustainable development, responsible consumerism,
resource distribution and ecological solutions in everyday life.

More information about the project at the link:

Send your CV to e-mail and complete the application at the link: In the title of e-mail write the title of the project. Candidates from Vinnytsia and the Vinnytsia region (including IDPs in Vinnytsia) will be given preference.



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