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Координатор з Комунікацій - Форум НДО

Форум НДО шукає Координатора з Комунікацій.

NGO Forum Communications Coordinator, Kyiv

Closing date: ASAP (the interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis)

The Ukraine NGO Forum was established to facilitate information sharing and coordination activities amongst international and national NGOs providing assistance in Ukraine in order to positively increase the impact of humanitarian activities in Ukraine.  The Ukraine NGO Forum welcomes participation from international and national NGOs providing humanitarian assistance in Ukraine.  Currently, the Forum is a membership organization consisting of 17 Ukrainian national and 18 international NGO members. As well, NGO Forum engages and coordinates with non-traditional humanitarian actors, including agencies, departments and offices of the United Nations and Ukrainian government. The Forum is committed to working with existing coordination mechanisms in Ukraine.

The humanitarian community operating in Ukraine is a diverse collection of actors. The Ukraine NGO Forum acknowledges this richness and is actively encouraging the development of cooperative and collaborative platforms for capacity development and training, information exchange, and cooperation. The Ukraine NGO Forum recognizes the likely long-term nature of this crisis and is keen to see an integration of emergency and stabilization activities where appropriate, as well as a greater role for national organisations and civil society groups.

The Forum has an important role to play in minimising gaps and duplication in humanitarian activities, including support and management functions performed. The current strategic cycle consists of the following pillars, and all programming shall be developed to meet these objectives in an appropriately balanced manner, all that while maintaining overall organizational capacity and sustainability:

  • Advocacy
  • Internal and External Information Sharing
  • Coordination
  • Capacity Building

Roles and Responsibilities

The Communication Coordinator contributes to the achievement of the information sharing related strategic objective of the Ukraine NGO Forum: To develop and enhance an accessible structure and encourage Ukraine NGO Forum members to share relevant information on a regular basis. “To maintain a communication strategy highlighting the work of Ukraine NGO Forum members to increase the influence of and respect for the NGO community.” As well, as support other strategic objectives with relevant Communication activities.

Leadership and Coordination

  • Reporting back to and seeking advice from the NGO Forum Steering Committee;
  • Leading the development of the NGO Forum Communication strategy and Work plan in coordination with NGO Forum partners, and providing leadership in its implementation, by ensuring that activities fit within the scope of the strategy and are coordinated with members;
  • Ensuring the proactive participation of relevant NGO Forum members in the NGO Forum Communication working group;
  • Conducting, coordinating and administrating meetings of the Ukraine NGO Forum Members` Communication Working Group, including taking minutes and sharing with members;
  • Leading visibility components of projects run by Ukraine NGO Forum

Communication strategy implementation

  • Ensure Coordination mainstreaming within Communication strategy implementation (cooperation and coordination with other information sharing stakeholders)
  • Ensure all strategic objectives (Advocacy, Coordination, Capacity Building) are properly supported by Communication activities
  • Organizing communication  activities as per plans, engaging for participation Ukraine NGO Forum members and other relevant stakeholders, informing target audiences (through e.g. round tables, public awareness raising events, promo materials, field visits with decision makers, etc.);
  • Developing communication/visibility components in project proposals and submitting communications/visibility reports to Donors;
  • Other assignment that may ensure effective Communication strategic objective fulfilment;

Visibility & Brand Management

  • Act as focal point and budget holder for Visibility activities
  • Ensure that NGO Forums mission and vision are clearly understood by Target Audiences;
  • Ensure all printed and digital materials of Ukraine NGO Forum are developed according to requirements outlined in Forum’s Brand Book
  • Develop communication materials (articles, photos, videos, support organization of events, etc.)
  • Support the preparation of visibility materials (posters, leaflets) for all projects
  • Collaborate with contractors for producing presentational, visibility and promotion materials

Community Management

  • Ensure communities’ active digital engagement through existing platforms Web-site, facebook, twitter, youtube;
  • Create relevant for the communities content  (web page, social media, newsletters)
  • Ensure NGO Forums Members actively share relevant information with wider NGO Community;
  • Communicate with Ukraine NGO Forum applicants and members, provide them relevant information on regular basis and if it is necessary
  • Maintain a database of NGO members and events participants
  • Gather, shape and share success stories from NGO Forum Members as well as from Projects organized by Ukraine NGO Forum

Public Relations

  • Develops press-releases and ensures media coverage for Ukraine NGO Forum projects, events and activities
  • Supports Advocacy activities of Ukraine NGO Forum with relevant Media engagement
  • Organizes press-conferences and PR events (if necessary)
  • Ensures periodical external reporting on NGO Forum and its’ members progress and success

External Communication and Information Sharing

  • Administrate web page and mapping portal
  • Monitors relevant (especially humanitarian) information streams and integrates necessary information from there into Forum’s information streams (Web-site, Newsletters, Social Media)
  • Constant support of Ukraine NGO Forum coordination activities with relevant information (including information from other existing humanitarian information services) dissemination through NGO Forum platforms: web platforms, social media channels, targeted newsletters
  • Systematize information streams based on type of information (plan, report, education, event etc.) audience targeted (NGOs, Donors, GoU, conflict affected population etc.), geography, type of NGO who might be interested in the information (based on geography, NGO’s being members of Clusters, NGO’s type of activities, NGO’s target audience etc.)



  • MA degree, or BA degree with at least 3 years of professional experience in a relevant field;
  • Experience in public relations, communication, journalism required;
  • Ability to design and plan media and communication activities and ensure timely implementation;
  • Demonstrated ability to write stories and reports, take photos, videos and communicate orally with accuracy and professionalism;
  • Good knowledge of social media tools;
  • Graphic design skills desirable;
  • Native Ukrainian and Russian, advanced English language.
  • Understanding of the main issues regarding the humanitarian situation in Ukraine;
  • Representation and facilitation skills and experience;

Personal profile

  • Strong communication, negotiation and interpersonal skills;
  • Integrative approach: ability to coordinate among different actors with a variety of positions and perspectives, willingness to consult;
  • Ability to work independently and as a team member;
  • result oriented;
  • Ability to adapt priorities according to the changing situation based on the context or on the organizations changing priorities;
  • Ability to manage stress and pressure;
  • Willingness to learn and extend his/her scope of work;


Interested candidates should submit their CV and cover letter. Applications should be sent to, with “application for the Communication Coordinator position” in the title. NGO Forum will contact only shortlisted candidates.


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