Senior Officer у посольство Нідерландів

Посольство Нідерландів оголошує конкурс на посаду Senior Officer. Дедлайн - 11 серпня 2018 р. (далі - англ.).

Більше вакансій у розділі Вакансії.

he Netherlands Embassy is looking to fill the position of Senior Officer.

Basic function of position (full time):

The officer is responsible for all issues related to the Human Rights Fund program (…/ukraine) per 1st of October 2018. He/she promotes the HRF program, gives clarification on eligibility requirements and is responsible for the administration of the program. The officer is back-up for the Matra-officer at the embassy.

The officer actively participates in activities of partners in the area of human rights, is aware of relevant developments in civil society and the reform process in Ukraine. The officer reports accordingly to embassy colleagues. The officer is desk officer at the embassy for LGBTI-rights in Ukraine, as well as for the topic of HIV-AIDS.

The officer is responsible for the embassy’s cultural activities as well as for Public Diplomacy, both topics in cooperation with the Economic Cluster of the embassy. The officer assists in organising programs for incoming delegations. The officer is willing and able to work in the ‘one-team’- approach of the embassy (willing and able to fulfil other tasks as well, in support of other colleagues and topics).

Required Qualification

· Academic background;
· Fluency (orally and in writing) in English, Ukrainian and Russian;
· Vast and recent network in civil society in Ukraine;
· Analytical, networking and organisational skills;
· Experience in project management;
· Knowledge of the reform process in Ukraine;
· Ability to work with and interest in social media;
· Preferably prior experience in donor coordination;
· Preferably good contacts in cultural spheres;
· Ability to travel outside Kyiv and to work outside regular office hours.
· Flexbility and team spirit.

Application deadline:

How to apply: interested applicants are invited to submit CV and motivation letter in English by email to the following email address:, to the attention of Ms Riny Bus,
before the 11th of August.

Enquiries: by email to, to the attention of Ms Riny Bus.


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