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The Ministry of Health of Ukraine (MoH) has already announced the implementation of eHealth project as its priority. The Ministry seeks to establish a medical data system, which will maintain a pan-Ukrainian registry of patients, doctors and medical institutions, as well as possess data on contractual relations between them. The system will preclude healthcare actors from concluding fraudulent agreements, as well as provide invaluable statistics on diseases and prescribed treatment, which still do not exist in Ukraine to date. The Government of Ukraine (GoU) has a strong political will to launch eHealth solutions for the benefit of both its citizens and health care system. Political support has been well formulated by signing of 3 technical Memorandums by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Open vacancies:

Business Analyst 

Capacity Building Manager

Junior Analyst

Junior Monitoring Expert 

Knowledge Base Manager

PR&Communication Specialist for MIS 

Stakeholder Engagement Manager 

Details: https://edge.in.ua/vacancies/ 


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