EVS волонтери у Туреччину

НУО «Стала» від імені Youth Accumulation Association шукає двох волонтерів на довготерміновий проект у Туреччині  (тривалість – з 20 лютого по 31 липня 2018 року). Програма реалізується в рамках Erasmus+. Тематика проекту – сприяння розвитку молодіжних об’єднань, зокрема зосереджених на онкологічних  захворюваннях.  Дедлайн – 15 лютого 2018 року (далі – англ.)

This year the association have also organized a variety of projects including: Cancer mobility for mammagraphy, Launchment of Speaking club in different languages [English,French and Russian]. Besides this, the association hosted a youth exchange training for 27 euroupean youth on the theme of rural realities and provide the opportunity to international volunteers to visit schools in remote areas to support the students with enhanecment activities;furthermore, the association’s future plan will be focused on organizing the 8th International“Blooming Plant” Oncology Days that will take place from 7th to 14th May

2018 on the theme of “Fighting Against Women’s Cancer and Lung Cancer” in partnership with ONKO-SEV Muş Governorate of Turkish Republic and Muş Alparsalan University with the support of the Ministry of Public Health Institution.
What volunteers will do:
  • They can develop their social and organizational skills during this project.
  • They can raise their awareness on health issues.
  • They can meet local residents of Muş and also different cities of Turkey.
  • They can develop their language and communication skills.
  • They can create new projects.
  • They will have the chance to present their own culture.
  • They can develop organizational skills.
  • They will explore the Turkish from different angles
  • They will have the chance to present their own culture.
At selection phase:
  • The volunteer should know something about the philosophy of EVS and conditions in EVS
  • The volunteer should be motivated for the project
  • The volunteer should motivated for working with youngs and/or other associations
  • The volunteer should be motivated and flexible for working within international atmosphere
  • The volunteer should be open minded for working with the other cultures
  • The volunteer should be creative in developing new activities
  • The volunteer should take initiative during the activities.
On this purpose we are looking for a well motivated volunteers from different background such as: skillful in organizational and management as well as on the field of media mainstream [photography, movie maker,journalism and social media] in order to to contribute effectively with a sense of creativity and integration to the projects and the activities of the association and to make the change during the Erasmus Plus service a worthy journey in their lives.
How to apply?
If you are interested in this project, please
In your e-mail please do not forget to mention that you are applying on behalf of Non-governmental organization “Kharkiv association for active youth “Stella” with PIC 947609200.
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