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Тренінг з соціального підприємництва в Молдові

Молодіжних працівн_иць, тренер_ок які хочуть розвивати тему соціального підприємництва, власни_ць бізнесу запрошують на тренінг з базових навичок соціального підприємництва в Молдові 2-9 листопада.

Далі опис англійською:

Lab for Development and Testing 

of Social Entrepreneurship Education Tools” 


2-9 November 2019, Chișinău / Rîșcova, Moldova

Travel days are 1st and 10th of November


The “Lab for Development and Testing of Social Entrepreneurship Education Tools”  is a training for social and business trainers, educators, youth workers, social entrepreneurs, who would like to improve their portfolio of tools and methods as well as help spread the concept of Social Entrepreneurship through their work. The training is planned as an experimental laboratory of educational tools, where SE educational tools developed in the framework of this project as well as collected from other sources by consortia members would be presented, discussed, constructed,deconstructed and fine-tuned.

25 participants from Armenia, Germany, Moldova, Poland and Ukraine will test and develop the tools on Social Entrepreneurship Education. The training is part of the Erasmus Plus Project “Social Entrepreneurship (SE): Tools and Trainers”. 

At the end of the training we will have a range of methods/tools formulated and documented and ready to use in trainings for start-ups, social enterprises and businesses that want to improve their corporate social responsibility schemes.  


The project partners’consortium has developed this initial list of topics during previous meeting: Social business canvas, Partnership and networking, Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystems, Social Impact Measurement, Marketing/Sales, Team Management, Financial Management Tools, Ideation, etc. You are welcome to bring your topic/tool/method into this lab. Some, but not necessarily all of these topics will result in ready-to-use trainer tools.


We are searching for over all 25 trainers/educators who will test/develop/improve the tools on Social Entrepreneurship Education. 


We need trainers/educators from NGO and business sectors, as well as youth workers and social entrepreneurs who are: 


  • NGO trainers who want to implement business approaches

  • Business trainers who want to add some social layers

  • Social Entrepreneurs who want to educate

  • Willing to be involved or work in the SE educational activities for young people and youth workers. 

  • Passionate about creating/developing tools for SE educators and sharing developed tools 

  • Fluent in Englis




Travel costs, accommodation and food within 2-9 November will be covered by the project budget. 


Social Entrepreneurship (SE): Tools and Trainers” is Erasmus Plus Project, which is the main component customization of tools for designing and running of social enterprises and realization of the Training for Trainers (ToT) on Social Entrepreneurship (face-to-face or online, through a multilingual e-learning platform). The project aimed at the development of the training capacities of the educators to engage in SE training activities, providing them with methodologies, tools, training and facilitation competencies regarding regional/community development through social entrepreneurship to ensure the education of young people and youth workers in SE sphere.


We are a consortium of 5 partners from Armenia, Germany, Moldova, Poland and Ukraine. The host of the training in Moldova is EcoVisio Association.

International Center for Intercultural Research, Learning and Dialogue (Armenia) was coordinating one of the most systemic projects on social entrepreneurship development in EaP region, and in Armenia especially. During the project online E-learning course (in Armenian language) has been developed, modules for trainings on social entrepreneurship has been organized. In general the organization is involved in the development of SE sphere in Armenia, and has large networks of experts in business and non-formal education sector, wide range of national and international stakeholders, including educational institutions, as well as wide network of CSOs and social enterprises Worldwide (

FAJNA Social Cooperative (Poland) is the initiator and co-organizer of many conferences, congresses and workshops in the field of social entrepreneurship, social cooperatives, activation and social inclusion. FAJNA regularly cooperates with public administration. It has partnered in the project FIO 2015 with The High School of Business in the area of SE of young people, has trained more than 350 students. Their work is closely with the Foundation for the Development of Student Cooperatives (

Since 2013 EcoVisio (Moldova) is working on a development of the SE field in Moldova. It is empowering young people to become social & ecologically-friendly entrepreneurs, and support them acquire the necessary skills and tools to start their own projects and enterprises.

EcoVisio is making local heroes visible to the public, facilitating the discourse and nurturing the

growing SE network in Moldova through yearly events. As well, it is running its own social

enterprise. EcoVisio brought together actors of SE from Transformation countries of Eastern

Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia and Russia (

Insha Osvita (Ukraine) is an expert organization on education sector (including non-formal), and is working on innovative models in education sector. The organization has a large network of trainers and stakeholders relating to SE field, including social enterprises. It has run various educational programs on SE, as well as conducted trainings of trainers for various fields (

Active Commons e.V. (Germany) is actively engaged in the field of community development and social entrepreneurship. It has a big pool of trainers and has good cooperation with stakeholders representing SE field in Germany. The organization is actively cooperating with other partner countries (


On November 2-9 we’ll stay in EcoVisio Training Center Moldova. The EcoVisio Training Center (ETC) is a joint project of EcoVisio and Eco-Village Moldova. The ETC aims to create a regional hub for practical education in the fields of organic agriculture, energy efficiency, eco-construction and community development. 

The Center serves as a demo and resource platform for sustainable development, allowing change-makers from Moldova and abroad to exchange innovative ideas and learn about permaculture, natural building, water management, climate change, social entrepreneurship, civic engagement and more.

For additional information please contact regional partner:


Address: 01001 Kyiv, 9 Borysa Hrinchenka st. office 41

Email: Revaz Tateishvili -

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