Тренінговий курс «Global Ambassador Program»

Курс спрямований на майбутніх молодіжних лідерів, які прагнуть розвивати онлайн-адвокацію та навички цифрової комунікації, використовуючи соціальні медіа як спосіб ділитися проектами та ідеями. Передбачається робота в динамічній команді активістів. Дедлайн – 15 квітня 2018 року (далі - англ.)

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The main aim of the program is to attract socially active individuals and youth leaders who are willing to hone their skills in a diverse, dynamic environment, which encourages youth to take an active role in their communities. Through the means of social media campaigning, Global Ambassadors will get an opportunity to closely cooperate with like-minded people of similar age, gain experience which they can apply in their local communities and learn from other highly successful peers. The aim is to train the future youth leaders and empower youth workers from the beginning of their careers in the field of youth and social work.

We believe that young people are the force for change, but they might often be passed over in the social strata, which is why The Better Tomorrow Movement strives to provide these bright minds with a chance for personal and professional advancement and growth.

Our cohorts come from worldwide organisations, hence providing the ambassadors with a wide network of influential people who they can learn from and whose projects they can actively observe and promote.

Tasks and Responsibilities: 
*Designing and executing Instagram takeovers by showcasing their own work/organisations, people that inspire, actions taken in their communities - and anything that the GA's think will inspire more youth worldwide.

*Conducting interviews with inspiring individuals

*Creating content for our YouTube channel and other social media.

*Showcasing any other creative talent you have to further our mission for this program.

Program benefits: 
*Gain experience working as part of a highly diverse and international team of highly motivated young individuals.

*Develop demonstrable skills in teamwork, branding, communications, and social media advocacy.

*Upon successful completion of your term, receive recognition for your role on our website and social media channels.

*Play a role in the growth and development of inspiring people and projects to contribute towards social and/or environmental impact.

*Receive a certificate for your service to TBTM.

*The highest performing GA for the term will receive an additional certificate and an individual feature on our website.

The program operates in two terms, April - August and September - March.

Contact for questions:

Rut Einarsdottir

E-Mail: [email protected]

Source: https://www.thebettertomorrowmovement.com/globalambassadorprogramme

Phone: +32492259038


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