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Стратегічне партнерство для розвитку спроможності організацій громадянського суспільства у країнах Східного партнерства. Дедлайн - 5 вересня 2019 року, 12:00.

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Strategic Partnerships for Capacity Development of Civil Society Organisations in the Eastern Partnership

This is a call for proposals to establish Strategic Partnerships, understood as a long-term cooperation mechanism through Financial Framework Partnership Agreements and grants to co-finance their implementation. The establishment of a Financial Framework Partnership Agreement does not guarantee the allocation of a grant.

This is an open call for proposals, where all documents are submitted together (Framework Partnership application forms and specific grant application). In the first instance, only the Framework Partnership applications will be evaluated. An eligibility check will be performed for each FFPA application. Eligibility will be checked on the basis of the supporting documents requested by the Contracting Authority and the signed ‘Declaration by the Applicant’ sent together with the application. Only Framework Partnership Applications from Applicants having passed the eligibility check will be evaluated. Thereafter, the lead applicants who have been selected will sign a Financial Framework Partnership Agreement,  and their specific grant applications will be evaluated.  The successful grant applications will then result in the signature of Specific Grant Agreements.

At a later stage, additional grants may be awarded, for which eligibility would be restricted to organisations having signed an FFPA with the EU under the present call. The procedure for awarding specific grants within the FFPA is specified in the Financial Framework Partnership Agreement template.

To apply for this call for proposals, lead applicants need to:

I.        Provide information about the organisations involved in the action. Please note that the registration of this data in PADOR is obligator or all lead applicants and affiliated entitiy(ies).

PADOR is an on-line database in which organisations register and update information concerning their entity. Organisations registered in PADOR get a unique ID (EuropeAid ID), which they must mention in their application. PADOR is accessible via the website:

II.        Provide information about the action in the documents listed under section 2.2.2. Online submission via PROSPECT is obligatory for this call.

It is strongly recommended to register in PADOR well in advance and not to wait until the last minute before the deadline to submit your application in PROSPECT.

If it is impossible for the organisation to register online in PADOR for technical reasons, applicants and/or affiliated entity(ies) must complete the ‘PADOR off-line form attached to these guidelines. This form must be sent together with the application, by the submission deadline (see section 2.2.2.).

Before starting using PADOR and PROSPECT, please read the user guides available on the website. All technical questions related to the use of these systems should be addressed to the IT helpdesk at via the online support form in PROSPECT.

Applications must be submitted in accordance with the instructions on the Framework Partnership application and the Specific Grant applications in the application form annexed to these guidelines (Annex A).

·         Framework Partnership Application (Annex A.1)

Applicants must attach the complete strategic plan of the organisation to their application form. This plan may be an internal document of the organisation, as endorsed by its governing body. The applicant may submit this plan in its original form (following no specific template), but must clearly identify in the application for the framework partnership which parts of this strategic plan they consider to be relevant for a partnership with the European Union, which should be based on common political objectives shared with the EU as detailed in section 1.2 of these Guidelines. If the applicant is selected as a Framework Partner, the strategic plan will become part of Annex I (“Action Plan”) of the Framework Partnership Agreement.

·         Specific Grant application (Annex A.2)

In the Specific Grant Application, applicants must provide a detailed budget for the proposed action. The budget must contain the contribution requested from the Contracting Authority and the percentage of that contribution in relation to the total amount of the grant, which must fall between the minimum and maximum amount and respect the percentages of co-financing, as laid down in these Guidelines in section 1.3. Own contributions by the applicants can be replaced by other donors' contributions at any time.

Applicants must apply in English.

Any error or major discrepancy related to the points listed in the instructions on the Framework Partnership application or any major inconsistency in the application e.g. if the amounts in the budget worksheets are inconsistent) may lead to the rejection of the application.

Clarifications will only be requested when the information provided is unclear and thus prevents the Contracting Authority from conducting an objective assessment.

Hand-written applications will not be accepted.

Please note that only the Framework Partnership application and the grant application form and the published annexes which have to be filled in (budget, logical framework) will be evaluated. It is therefore of utmost importance that these documents contain ALL the relevant information concerning the action.

With the application the lead applicant also has to submit completed organisation data forms (Annex F) for the lead applicant, each (if any) co-applicants and each (if any) affiliated entities.

No additional annexes should be sent.

Online submission:

Applications must be submitted online via PROSPECT following the instructions given in the PROSPECT user manual.

Upon submission of the application online, the lead applicant will receive an automatic confirmation of

Please note that incomplete applications may be rejected. Lead applicants are advised to verify that their application is complete using the checklist (Annexes A.1 and A.2, Instructions).

The deadline for the submission of applications is 05/09/2019 at 12:00 (Brussels date and time). In order to convert this deadline to local time you can use any online time converter tool that takes into account timezones and winter/summer time changes (example available here. Lead applicants are strongly advised not to wait until the last day to submit their applications, since heavy Internet traffic or a fault with the Internet connection (including electricity failure, etc.) could lead to difficulties in submission. The contacting authority cannot be held responsible for any delay due to such aforementioned difficulties.

An information session on this call for proposals will be held in webinar format. Should you be interested in this session, please send an email by 24 June 2019 to, indicating: name, surname, nationality and email address of the persons who are interested to be informed about these webinar. No costs incurred by the applicants for attending this information session are reimbursable.

Questions may be sent by e-mail no later than 21 days before the deadline for the submission of applications to the below address, indicating clearly the reference of the call for proposals:

E-mail address:

The contracting authority has no obligation to provide clarifications to questions received after this date.

Replies will be given no later than 11 days before the deadline for the submission of applications.

To ensure equal treatment of applicants, the contracting authority cannot give a prior opinion on the eligibility of lead applicants, co-applicants, affiliated entity(ies), an action or specific activities.

No individual replies will be given to questions. All questions and answers as well as other important notices to applicants during the course of the evaluation procedure will be published on the EuropeAid website: It is therefore advisable to consult the abovementioned website regularly in order to be informed of the questions and answers published.

All questions related to registration in PADOR or the online submission via PROSPECT should be addressed to the IT helpdesk at via the online support form in PROSPECT: Please note that the working languages of the IT support are English, French and Spanish. Therefore, users are invited to send their questions in those languages should they wish to benefit from an optimum response time.



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